Kelsey and Kevin

Image 1 of Kelsey and Kevin

Kevin and I met on our second year of university when we were 19 years old. Today (April 1) is the 6th year anniversary and now marks one year until we say “I do”. I am a travel bug and always planning our next vacation. This past one was the best one yet! We travelled to Maui for our yearly vacation. I planned so many activities for us to do, one being waking up before dawn and driving to Haleakala Crater and hiking up to 10,000 feet to watch the sunrise. I am not a morning person, and that morning especially wasn’t my day! He was up at the first alarm ring and I turned over and hit the snooze! We travelled with 2 very close friends and they were all up and ready to go and I was being a baby in bed. I finally pulled myself together got up and was very grumpy with all of them. We started driving at 4:15am sharp! We finally got to the base of the mountain at 6:20am after a tough drive with a lot of switch backs and winding roads we were all really happy to be getting out of the car. Once we were arrived, there was about 150 people standing at the look out. I am not very tall so I couldn’t see a thing. Kevin kept reassuring me that it will be ok, and I will see the sun. After a little while I suggested that we just start hiking up to the very top of the mountain, at that point I didn’t care to see the sun come up further into the sky. We started the climb and when we got to the top I found a nice secluded area and went and sat there instead of going to the other lookout where again there were quite a few people. I sat down on a big rock and asked Kevin to sit with me. He then said “you should just stand up”. Already feeling morning grumpiness, I said “ok” and stood next to him. Being that high up, it was very cold! I was shivering and put my arms around him and hands into his pockets. He jumped away and said “What are you doing?” and I replied “My hands are cold”. He said “put your hands in your own pockets” so I did and thought “geez I was just trying to be romantic”. The sun continued to rise and it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I told him “I think we should wake up early more often and watch the sunrises” and he turned to me and said “I think we should watch the sunrise together for the rest of our lives” and proceeded to get down on one knee. It all made sense to me then, he had the ring in pocket, pulled it out and asked me to marry him.

Image 2 of Kelsey and Kevin