Kelsey and Kevin

How We Met

The year after I graduated from college in 2015 I had signed up for the trip of a lifetime to celebrate my accomplishment (thanks mom and dad) It was an organized tour group that planned all the flights, accommodations, etc. where we would visit Germany, Italy, Switzerland. I should also add that this was the first flight I had ever been on… and it was international. I was so excited to start my journey when I arrived at the gate in Atlanta to depart to Munich I adventurously approached a few people who seemed to be about my age and asked if they were also going on the trip, and they were! That’s where I met my amazing fiance, Kevin. We spent the vacation trying new foods, seeing new places and also getting to know each other. We sat together on the bus rides, stayed up late watching Drake and Josh on TV because it was the only thing in English. Kevin even sought out our tour guide for my room number so he could come, knock on the door and invite me out. We had our first date at a Swiss bar. After the best trip ever we decided to keep in touch and continue to get to know each other with lots of Skype and monthly visits to each other. We soon knew this was something undeniably special and we have been together ever since!

how they asked

Fast forward about 3 years… It’s finally time for our parents to meet. With Kevin’s parents in Virginia and mine in Florida, it hadn’t been an easy feat. So we thought the best way to do so was a guess what… a vacation! Both of our moms had celebrated a milestone birthday this year, and we thought a cruise to Cuba would be a great way to get everyone together for the first time to whoop it up. Well, as we plan for this trip I, of course, have a proposal in the back of my mind, however, there were literally no signs or clues, that I picked up on at least. As Kevin was planning the trip he told me that he booked us a flight to the cruise port in Tampa but it was cheaper to have a layover in Atlanta, so I was like, alright no problem. As we are packing our last items and getting ready to leave for vacation Kevin tells me he is going to wear his suit jacket on the flight so it “doesn’t get wrinkled.” Makes sense to me. Now we are getting to the gate on our first flight and they want to check Kevin’s carry-on bag due to limited overhead space. That was a no-go for him and I was confused because I hate having a carry-on.

I am still clueless. We approach the gate of our second flight in Atlanta where we sit down to wait. Kevin begins to tell me that he can’t believe that we met here and how far we have come. He asked me if it would be lame if we stood up and shared a hug and I said yes that is lame but did it anyway. As we are hugging he starts to tell me all kinds of nice things that I don’t remember because I basically blacked out. He dropped to one knee, pulled out the most perfect ring and asked “Will you marry me?” and I said YES! I think… I was in total shock. As the shock and lots of “is this real” “is this actually happening” starts to wear off happening the tears start to flow. And that’s not all.

Kelsey and Kevin's Engagement in Atlanta Airport

Kevin had enlisted one of my closest friends Joelle (an Atlanta resident) to be there, hide behind a garbage can and photograph the whole thing. I couldn’t believe she was there, I was so happy to see my friend, we all shared a bottle of champagne in Gordon Biersch in the terminal while I tried to grasp that we just got engaged! We said goodbye to Joelle and boarded our flight to Tampa.

Where to Propose in Atlanta Airport

We planned to be there a few days before the cruise to spend some time with my college friends who live in the area, My cousin Caroline was also in town so we were all able to get together to celebrate our engagement.

It was SO much fun. Needless to say, we had a great time on the cruise celebrating with both of our families, eating, drinking champagne, exploring a new country. I was so touched by how much effort and coordination Kevin put into planning everything. It was truly a vacation we will never forget!