Kelsey and Keith

how they asked

Kelsey knew getting engaged to Keith Moulton was inevitable. He knew she knew it, too, so from mid-January to the beginning of March he planned a fancy dinner date each weekend to confuse her. Each date was torture for Kelsey as she prepared her heart over and over for it to be “the night” she would say yes to a lifetime as Keith’s wife.

The day of the proposal arrived and Keith arranged for Kelsey’s parents to travel from Connecticut to surprise her. Unfortunately, a giant Nor’easter came out of nowhere and hit the east coast, cancelling their flight to Cincinnati.

On Keith and Kelsey’s way to dinner (like they did every weekend since Kelsey first became suspicious), Keith suggested they walk by the riverfront. He stopped her in front of the “Sing the Queen City” sign, turned toward her, and told her how much he loved her. He told her he was so excited to spend the rest of his life with her. Then he told he tried so hard to get her parents in town to celebrate this moment with them, but the storm had cancelled their flight. Kelsey looked into his eyes, said yes, and kissed him.

As they kissed, they heard cheering. Kelsey’s parents were able to find a flight to Indianapolis and drive two hours to Cincinnati just in time to see the whole proposal.

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