Kelsey and KB

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

How We Met

I met KB in 2013 when I really wasn’t looking for anyone. I was about to graduate college and he was a few years out of school. It was all very random – I showed up to a friend’s pregame for a birthday party and there he was, the goober that literally gave me a lap dance the first night we met.

I didn’t tip.

I had never met anyone that was so FUN. He was a great friend, we kept in contact via text. It wasn’t until weeks later when I had a horrible day at work that he asked if I’d like to meet up for a drink (under the pretense that we’d talk about my rough day). We got maybe halfway through the evening when it occurred to me, “…I might be on a date right now.” We ended the night with a quick walk around Embarcadero/North Beach area of San Francisco and with an awkward will we won’t we kiss moment.

I called my mom immediately afterward, on my walk to the train, saying, “Ma, I think I just went on a date. We had an awkward cheek kiss at the end.”

“Well,” says Mama, “They can’t all be winners.”


Our relationship grew from there. He was goofy and fun loving in ways I had never even thought I could have in a partner. He challenged me, inspired me, encouraged me, made me laugh – and still does all those things to this day! Who knew the goober I met at a birthday party would become my fiancé all these years later.

How They Asked

As a blogger, it’s not uncommon for me to book photographers and photoshoots. I had booked a shoot for our upcoming trip to Paris and had asked him to be ready to hop in the frame with me – anything for the gram, am I right? We woke up at like, no joke, 4 am that morning because, HELLO, jet lag. It’s the worst. We just hung out and chatted until we had to start heading over to the shoot location: the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower at sunrise.

I was bundled up to the MAX. It was absolutely freezing (I think in the 30s). Our amazing photographer, Rachael, showed up and got to work helping scout the perfect first shots.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

“We’ll start with some shots of just Kelsey,” she said, “because obvi we need some content.” Thinking back now…I’m pretty sure she was using me to test the backdrop and lighting. Lol – I was so clueless at this point just doing my usual one foot in front of the other blogger poses.

Rachael then instructed KB to hop on into the frame. I’m going to be real honest – this whole next part is a little bit of a blur for me. We were holding hands, the Eiffel Tower in the background behind us, click click click of the camera shutter. The next thing I know, this kid is on one knee and saying all sorts of nice little things.

The long story short, I said YAAAAAAASSSS.