Kelsey and Joshua

How We Met: We met in high school about 3 years ago in front of my Spanish class! He shook my hand and called me Ms. Swaisgood for the longest time. Then we both went to a high school dance and met up. Of course we danced together and later that night I received my first hug from him.

Anyhow, one of my really good friends share a class with Josh and she brought us together. We talked for about three months before dating and yes, he even asked my parent’s permission to date me! Then on Memorial Day weekend, he brought his guitar to my family get together and played a song he had written for me! (of course my family knew it was coming and got it on video….)

how they asked: The video is actually on YouTube (below), but I still love telling the story.
Image 1 of Kelsey and Joshua Image 2 of Kelsey and Joshua

We were talking about getting professional pictures so I could get some frames to put them in around my house. Then one day, his brother, who is an awesome photographer, said he and his assistant would do our pictures. I was of course excited that he even scheduled it so soon! We went to the same place I had my senior pictures done and the assistant was taking our pictures because he was “training.”Little did I know that was semi-true. He was taking our pictures, but the photographer was filming. Oh, yes, you guessed it. He proposed that day on camera! I was sitting on a fence and he had his guitar (of course) and he sang another song he had written for me. I thought we were in this pose for a really long time so I started to look around because I was honestly ready to get off the fence and find some more cool places for pictures. I had heard the song before so i knew it was coming to an end, but then he started singing “Marry Me” by Train and that’s when I started to get a little suspicious. Then, he pulls this little black box out of his pocket and tells me all these sweet things and pops the question!! How could you say no to that?? It was so sweet and thought out. He even planned it to be on our 3 years and 3 month anniversary. It was a truly special moment and I am so happy to have found a man like Josh.

Photographer: Isaac Coffy