Kelsey and Joseph

How We Met: I started working at a restaurant in December 2013 and Joe had already worked there for a while. Immediately I thought he was very handsome, but I knew he would never go for someone like me. A couple months later we closed a boring lunch shift together and followed each other on Instagram. That night Joe started liking a lot of my pictures (from weeks back too) and I knew he could maybe be interested in me. He got my phone number of the phone list from work and started texting me, and eventually he asked me if I wanted to get food after work together. We went to Taco Bell in my car after work and sat in my car talking until 3am. Ever since that night, we have been together every single day. I knew I loved him after the first week.

how they asked: Joe works every Saturday night, so naturally I thought he was working. He flew my best friend from Atlanta that Saturday morning so I wanted to take her downtown for dinner and drinks afterwards. We got all ready in dresses and heels and headed downtown. My best friend asked if we could take a picture by the water, so we walked over and took the picture.

My sister then asked if we could get a “sister picture” on the end of the dock on her polaroid camera. Annoyed, I walked down the dock to the end. I turned around to take the picture with the water in the back and my sister didn’t join me and I was standing all alone confused. I heard someone walking up behind me and I turned around and it was Joe with a dozen pink roses (my favorite) and I started crying immediately because I knew what was happening.

Image 1 of Kelsey and Joseph

I have no idea what he said while he was proposing, I was too busy crying and shaking.

Image 2 of Kelsey and Joseph

He put the ring on my finger after I said YES! We kissed, and I heard more people coming down the dock and I turned and my mom and dad were there to witness the entire thing.

Image 3 of Kelsey and Joseph

Everything was absolutely perfect!

Image 4 of Kelsey and Joseph