Kelsey and Jordan

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How We Met

Oh where do I start…

We met in spring of 2014 through mutual friends at the college group for our church in San Diego. I thought he was attractive and easy to talk to, but at the time I wasn’t really looking to date anyone. He still remembers asking me to go play ultimate frisbee with him and a few others but I “turned him down”. To be honest, I don’t really remember this but I know I didn’t make it easy for him!

College group ended for the summer so we didn’t see each other until the fall of 2014 when it started back up again. I remember seeing him at college group thinking “wow, wait, Jordan is REALLY attractive”. I was kind of smitten. On my 21st birthday, he texted me a very sweet ‘Happy Birthday’ message, and we never stopped talking after that. We truly hit it off the 2nd time around! We met up at the local dog beach (I brought my golden retriever, Ella, as a chaperone) for our first “date”. After receiving Ella’s blessing, Jordan and I were inseparable.

Our first “real” date was at Coronado Island. We had drinks at the Hotel Del Coronado, walked on the beach at night and shared a first kiss on top of the lifeguard tower while slow dancing to Frank Sinatra. *Swoons*.

The rest is history.

how they asked

It was March 2016, I’m in my senior year of college, and I really wanted to go somewhere fun for my last spring break ever.

Somehow, I roped Jordan into going to Maui with me. Luckily, he has family on Maui and we were able to stay with them.

We had been talking about marriage for awhile, and dreamed of being engaged by spring. I didn’t know exactly when or what month, but I knew it would happen soon.

So when we booked the tickets for the flight out to Maui, I thought to myself “oh my goodness, he could propose on this trip”.
After a long flight, we were greeted upon arrival with hugs and Hawaiian leis from his family. The air was warm, the palm trees abundant, and the thought of spending a week in this tropical paradise was enough to quiet the unsure voice in the back of my mind obsessing over a potential proposal.

Our grand plan for the next day was to wake up at 3am (yikes), and drive two hours up to the top of Mt. Haleakala (Maui’s tallest and biggest volcano) to see the sunrise above the clouds. I was extremely suspicious of him proposing up on the volcano, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case it didn’t happen. A few weeks before the trip, he sent me the weather report for Haleakala on the day we planned to go… and I thought that was a bit out of character. Usually I’m the one sending him links, travel information, weather updates, etc.

We packed up the “Maui mobile” (his grandparent’s car), got warm blankies, and drove up to the top of the volcano. It was SO COLD. I have never been that cold in my life. Plus, it was completely dark because it was before sunrise. We hopped out of the warmth of our car and ventured onto a little trail to find the best lookout. At the summit, we found a perfect spot off the path. The sky was getting lighter, and I was wondering if the whole proposal thing would happen. Unfortunately, the park ranger came by 10 minutes before sunrise to tell us to get back on the trail. Op! Jordan was flustered. I could tell. He really wanted us to have the “perfect” private spot for us to enjoy sunrise.

We hopped back on the trail, and attempted to find a good spot to “take pictures” (which I interpreted as possible code for “I’m going to propose” BUT I DIDN’T KNOW FOR SURE). Heck, I was kinda flustered too.. in a good way.

At 6:33 a.m., the sun finally peaked over the sea of clouds. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life. In front of us was this enormous crater, a sea of fluffy clouds, and the sun illuminating everything.

We set up our iPhone tripod for a good shot, and then he led me off the trail a little bit again because the shot would look “so much better” that way. Me, being a rule follower, insisted that we be quick because the park ranger would be back and kick us out.

I (reluctantly) followed him off the trail, posed for a shot, and then turned around to watch the sun rise even more over the clouds. It was pure magic.

Jordan was quiet for a minute.. and he’s never that quiet. He rarely lets dead air fall between us. I was holding my breath waiting for something to happen. Finally, he turned to me and said “So Kelsey….”

To be honest I don’t remember much else of his sweet little speech because I was FREAKING OUT. He got down on one knee and pulled out a ring box from his jacket (how did I not feel that earlier?) and popped it open to reveal the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. He asked “Will you marry me?” to which I said enthusiastically “YEAH!”. My hands shook (from excitement and coldness) as he put on the ring.

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He hugged me, twirled me around, and shouted “SHE SAID YES!”. A large group bystanders started to cheer and congratulate us. In the past, I always thought I wanted my proposal to be completely private, but there was actually something really special about having others there to witness and share in the excitement with us. Even if they were strangers.

With the below-freezing temperature outside (according to me, I’m always cold), we ran back to the car, cranked up the heat, and drove down the volcano with huge smiles, frozen fingers, and a pretty little rock on my hand.

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