Kelsey and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met on August 17, 2013 at Oklahoma Baptist University. It was move-in day and our first day on campus of our college career for both of us. I met Jordan’s roommate at a church leadership camp that summer before coming to school. I saw his roommate and Jordan standing on the lawn on campus waiting for the first event of Welcome Week to begin. I decided I would go say hi and that is when I first met Jordan. I showed up to class on the first day of school and it turned out Jordan, his roommate, and I all had Chemistry together. We began eating lunch together every day after class, which led to studying and doing homework together as well. On the night before our Chemistry final, we were supposed to be studying together… however, we ended up playing 1-on-1 basketball against each other for over 2 hours. That is the night I began to realize how much I truly liked Jordan. But overall, for our whole first semester of college Jordan and I were just friends.

Jordan moved back home the second semester in the Spring. I was secretly bummed; however, we hadn’t talked since Christmas break so I decided I had to get over my crush. I shouldn’t have gave up hope because out of the blue Jordan texted me towards the end of second semester. From then on, we texted every single day all summer long. On August 13, 2014, Jordan came to my house to go on our first date. Later that evening, Jordan asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together every since. For the first year of dating, it was semi-long distance because Jordan still lived at home going to school close to his house. He lived 45 minutes away from OBU so we saw each other mostly on weekends. We had Face Time dates every night talking for an average of 2-3 hours. I never knew I could talk to someone for so long but we never ran out of things to say. We both made it a priority to spend that time together and we both agree that it was vital to our relationship.

Our original plans for our lives have changed but we are both so thankful for the Lord’s guidance and how He has worked out everything. Originally, Jordan was planning on moving to Dallas in the Fall of 2015 to begin Chiropractic college. (For Chiropractic college you do not have to have a Bachelor’s degree as long as you have all of the prerequisite courses, which is what Jordan did). We had been dating a year then and Jordan decided to change his mind and come back to school at OBU and graduate with me. Now, we will both graduate from OBU in May 2017 and go to graduate school together to pursue our doctorate degrees (Jordan in Chiropractic and I in Physical Therapy). We plan to get married Spring/Summer of 2017.

how they asked

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The week before we got engaged I had went home for Spring Break. This year Easter fell on the weekend after Spring Break. My family agreed to drive down to celebrate Easter with me Friday and Saturday so I wouldn’t have to drive back just a week after coming home. My mom also said we would take Easter family pictures then go out to a nice dinner with Jordan’s family the evening of Good Friday since my family would go back home for Easter Sunday. As we were about to leave for dinner, Jordan’s dad said Jordan and I needed to go out to their property to check on it real quick because Jordan and his dad weren’t sure they shut the gate that morning while they were out working. (Backstory: their property is a very special place for Jordan and I. We have shared many special moments there including the weekend I met Jordan’s family he surprised me and took me out there to watch the sunset. We’ve also watched the sunrise, carved our name into a tree, and had several memorable conversations). Out at their property, the gate was fine but Jordan said we also needed to check on the tractor too for some reason. We began walking up the hill and when we reached the top, I saw a beautiful pergola Jordan, his dad, and brother built over Spring Break. The pergola was decorated with curtains, lanterns, and sunflowers (my favorite). Jordan led me over to it and began expressing to me how much he loved me. I of course started crying (I cry when I watch stranger’s proposal videos so my own proposal was no exception). He then got down on one knee, pulled the ring out of his boot, and asked me to marry him. I said YES! He took the promise ring he had gotten me off my finger and replaced it with the most perfect engagement ring.

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Our families then came out to the property to celebrate with us and we actually did end up taking family pictures. We had a big family prayer at the end and then Jordan and I headed to eat. Jordan took me to a fancy Italian restaurant called Benvenuti’s. It was so fancy we couldn’t even decipher the menu very well haha. After eating, Jordan surprised me with an engagement party to celebrate with all of our close family and friends. The theme was “He popped the question” so there was a popcorn bar and popcorn cake. I’m a sucker for puns so I loved it! All in all, the night was perfect and I get to marry the man of my dreams!

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