Kelsey and Jordan

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How We Met

We met on December 26, 2013, on my first day of work at a new physical therapy clinic. I was beginning work as a physical therapist aide and Jordan was working as a physical therapist. I was officially introduced to him in the middle of the gym next to the total Gym machine. I remember thinking he was cute and had a great smile. As the months went on we got to know each other a little and first bonded over the song Get Me Some of That by Thomas Rhett. Soon we went to a Tim McGraw concert on a whim with some co-workers where I started to try and drop hints that I was interested. Jordan is a little oblivious though so a couple weeks later I had to blatantly give him my number and tell him to text me. A couple months after that we went on our first official date to the drive-in movies to see 22 Jump Street and the rest is history after that!

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how they asked

The day after my 28th birthday, Jordan took me to Baker Beach to do the Batteries to Bluffs hike and enjoy the sunshine. As we came down the sand ladder onto the beach we removed our shoes and began to walk towards the water. Jordan stopped at one point and dropped his shoes and began to tell me how he’s loved me since the first time he saw me.

Kelsey's Proposal in Baker Beach, CA

Touched by his sentiment I began to hug him and he dropped down to one knee. With tears in my eyes everything blacked out around me and we were the only people on the beach and my best friend asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes! And to my surprise, his best friend captured the whole proposal on camera from afar!