Kelsey and John

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How We Met

We met at Walt Disney World! Back in 2013, I was participating in Disney’s Cultural Representative Program (CRP) – where young adults spend a year representing their culture and heritage in their respective countries in Epcot. I’m from the UK so spent my program working as a server at the British pub and restaurant, the Rose and Crown, where John was working as a cook. There was a big group of us that all used to hang out so we were friends for several months before we started dating. We went to the Magic Kingdom on our first date to check out the Christmas decorations then saw the movie Frozen – this was about a month before I was due to complete my Disney program and return home to the UK. We figured we’d enjoy each other’s company while I was still in Orlando and then go our separate ways…

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We were pretty inseparable in that final month, and when I went home to London, and John stayed in Florida, we spoke every day and eventually found ourselves falling in love… long distance! We had movie dates and game nights over Facetime and spent hours getting to know one another’s pasts, dreams and wishes, and looking forward to the next time we’d see each other again. For a multitude of reasons, we had to wait 9 months before we saw each other again! John came to visit me in London and we visited friends in Liverpool and Manchester, and even drove to Paris to tour the city and get a quick Disney fix!

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Our long distance relationship spanned 18 months in total, including an additional trip to California where I got to meet John’s family for the first time and we travelled around LA, Napa Valley, San Francisco, and yes – Disneyland. Then, I landed an opportunity to join the New York City office launch team for the company I was working for at the time. It was the perfect solution to our long-distance situation and, in August 2015, I found myself living in NYC, closely followed by John who moved in with me shortly afterward. We’ve been living together ever since, loving life in the city, traveling when we can and documenting our adventures for our Youtube channel, and as of May 2018, we’re engaged!

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how they asked

For our vacation this past April/May, John and I opted to take our first Disney cruise together. We sailed from Miami to Grand Cayman and Disney’s private island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay. It was just the most amazing trip – we relaxed, ate some amazing food, swam with stingrays in GC, took advantage of everything the ship had to offer – we had a blast!

It was our final day on the ship, aptly named the Disney Magic, when we sailed into Disney’s Castaway Cay. This island is a little piece of paradise and we had a perfect day riding bikes, swimming in the crystal clear waters and chilling in hammocks, pina coladas in hand! It should be noted here that John and I have a Disney-focused Youtube channel on which we post weekly videos so we were vlogging our whole trip. We had planned to reshoot a cruise edition of our Youtube introduction and the final scene we needed was one of us dancing to recreate something we’d done previously. John had said months ago that he wanted to do this and that we should do it with the ship behind us on Castaway Cay – I thought it was a great idea and really thought nothing more of it! This was the final thing we had planned to do before heading back on the ship so we picked a spot with a beautiful view of the ship and the beach behind us.

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We set the cameras up, danced, and when John twirled me he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was beautiful – I couldn’t speak from shock but managed to nod through my sobs! And now we have it all on video to relive this special memory for years to come!

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