Kelsey and John

how we met

John and I met at work. I distinctly remember my first day at work and watching John walk up to the door. During our training, we were left waiting around together and John offered to share his granola bar with me. That’s when I realized how kind and genuine of a person he was. We instantly grew an great working relationship and years later, it developed into something more!

how they asked

When I drive home from work, I always call John to check in and see if I should pick up anything from the grocery store on my way home for dinner. On this snowy, winter evening, I called John on our regular schedule and asked the regular questions, but this time John suggested we go downtown to Church Street for dinner. I instantly knew in my gut that something was up, but I went along with it pretending I didn’t! I got home, John was already showered and dressed for dinner (very unusual) and told me that our reservation weren’t until much later in the evening. I was STARVING and insisted that we try to go earlier or choose another restaurant – all that was on my mind at this point was how fast I could get to a burger. Somehow I convinced John to go earlier but he was frantically texting someone at every opportunity he could, also very unusual. We park, walk to Church Street, and in typical Vermont fashion, the snow was falling and it was freezing cold. John says “let’s go take a picture in front of the Christmas Tree.” At this point I was convinced it was going to happen with all of the unusual behavior John was showing. We get there and John keeps insisting that we get closer and closer to the tree for the best picture and in my mind, I’m thinking I’m getting farther and farther away from a burger but also slightly panicking that this could really be happening! We get there and he got down on one knee and asked the question. My best friend jumps out from hiding and captured the whole thing with pictures. We all stood there crying, laughing and and shivering. Afterwards, John told me we had a reservation at a higher end restaurant, but I was so committed to having a burger that we cancelled our reservations and got our favorite burgers instead.

Special Thanks

Seas Mtns Co
 | Photography
Shelburne Farms
 | Location