Kelsey and Joe

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How We Met

My fiance and I worked together at a bank for over a year. We were both seeing other people at the time, and would harmlessly chat. We were always the best of friends at work and had each others’ backs, and everyone would always comment that we were “going to get married one day” despite never hanging out outside of work.

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In 2017 we both became single, and a week before I quit the bank to pursue another career, we all went out together as a going away party for myself. That night, we had the best time and ended the night with a kiss. After that, the rest is history and we have been attached ever since.

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how they asked

My fiancé planned a parasailing trip for us on 06/16/18. We started the day with breakfast at our favorite spot and then headed to parasailing. Upon arrival, my fiancé and I got all geared up and were waiting for the banana boat to take us out to the boat for our ride. We were set up with two older women and their nephew who went parasailing first. Upon completion, one of the ladies ending up throwing up off the side of the boat and had to be picked up before we could go. The captain let us go once the fiasco was over, and once we were dunked in the water we were pulled back up into the sky and my fiancé proceeded to point to the boat below and ask me “what does that sign say?” and pointed to his homemade sign that one of the employees was holding up for us. I squinted, and he shouted, “It says… Kelsey will you marry me”! Tearfully I responded with an “are you serious?”. We kissed, and moments later we landed to everyone on the boat shouting “SHE SAID YES!”. One of the awesome ladies who worked at the business filmed the entire thing for us. My fiancé gave me the ring on the beach once we were back on land. It was the most creative and romantic proposal I have ever witnessed!

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