Kelsey and Jimmy

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How We Met

I was a senior in college and jimmy was a couple years removed from college when we met. We both went to the University of Toledo. He is a huge Toledo sports fan and almost never misses home football games. Little did we know that we sat in the same section for four years and never crossed paths. So my mom came to visit me at school and I took her to the Toledo football game that night. While she was getting our refreshments at the concession stand, I got our seats. There was a group of guys who were being a little too rowdy before game time. I thought to myself “Oh geez”.. (here we go, I don’t want obnoxious fans with my mom around). I mistakingly mumbled my concerns under my breath and Jimmy heard it, turned around and said something. Him and his friends ended up being a fun group to socialize with, and my mom got along with him GREAT! At one point in the game she signaled to me that he was cute and nice, but I gave her the throat slash gesture because I had no interest in finding a guy at that point. When the game ended, we all left and nothing came out of it.

Fast forward three weeks later and I take my parents and Aunt and Uncle to the Toledo football game. We grabbed seats where my mom and I sat at the previous game, and who was right in front of us AGAIN were Jimmy and his friends. At this point the coincidence was enough to get us talking and we didn’t stop the whole game. We ended up losing the football game making it our last of the season. Jimmy turned around and said “Well since there isn’t another football game to see you at can I have your number?” I found myself interested and said yes. Immediately the rest was history!

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how they asked

This was our first christmas after moving in with each other, so we wanted to do something special just the two of us before all the holiday travel. We planned to open our presents for each other and go to a nice dinner downtown. I got all dolled up, new dress and fresh manicured nails! I had him open his presents first, and then he gave me a very large box (mind you it sat under the tree for two days driving me crazy because I didn’t know what it could be). The note said “A relationship is composed of many firsts, lets take a look at ours”. It was a box inside of a box inside of a box! Each box had a card pointing out an important part of our relationship (from current to the beginning) and then a christmas present from my wish list that had to do with the card. The first box was “something for our first place” and he gifted me new kitchen whisks I had asked for. There was about five-six boxes and it worked its way back to when we met at Toledo with a comfortable pair of University of Toledo pyjama pants. When I opened the last box, it was full of rose petals that covered up a mug that said “The adventure begins” (side note- I am a huge coffee/ tea persona and collect mugs from special trips or occasions). I immediately started to cry, and when I looked up he was already on his knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes of course!

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The biggest surprise of the evening was quickly after, our parents and my best friend and her fiance walked through our front door bursting with excitement! It was so unexpected because they all live in different towns. After a couple of champagne toasts, Jimmy said we needed to leave or we would miss the dinner reservation. I was like what?? There’s actually dinner?? I figured it was his plot to get me to dress nice since I am ALWAYS in sweats. Turns out, he made dinner reservations weeks ago for us and our parents. It was a great, intimate night full of amazing food and drinks to celebrate our engagement!

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