Kelsey and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I first met when we were 15 years old in youth group at a church we both attended. We were never formally introduced to each other, but knew of each other for about a year before actually talking to each other. In the summer of 2011, Jacob and I began to hang out more and more in groups with our friends. One day in early August, Jacob texted me asking if we should plan our 16th birthday parties together since we are only 2 days apart. I was all for the plan, since we had all the same friends and why not? At the birthday party, I distinctly remember watching Jacob talk and make jokes, and I remember thinking how attractive he was. I know this sounds totally silly, but the size of the group at our birthday dinner was about 30 people, and Jacob completely took charge of figuring out the bill and how much everyone needed to pay including tax and tip. He was outgoing, loud, and responsible, and I definitely thought that was pretty attractive. The weeks after our birthday party, we began hanging out more. I remember hoping he would ask me to homecoming that fall, and of course, he did. One day in October he sat me down at a Bagels and Brew, told me he liked me and said he wanted to keep on dating me. Of course we didn’t call it “dating” for another few months, but that day is what we consider our anniversary. Fast forward 4 and a half years, and here we are, finishing up college and ready to get married!

Homecoming 2011

how they asked

how they asked me to marry him all started about 1 month prior to May 28, 2016. I was told by Jacob that Ryan (Jacobs best friend) was going to propose to Emily (my roommate) on Memorial day, May 30th 2016. Jacob goes to school about 4 hours away, and said that he would be down that entire weekend and that I should request all four days off from work.

About two weeks from Memorial Day weekend, I get a text from Ryan asking me to please take Emily to get her nails done the week before so that they would look good for the proposal. I was slightly suspicious of this considering the fact that I never have my nails done, and I would seem very strange for me to ask Emily to go to the salon. I did it anyways, even with a slight suspicion.

Jacob and I made plans with Ryan and Emily to go on a double date Saturday morning to breakfast. Jacob gave a possible location in Laguna Beach right off Pacific Coast Highway, and I agreed. I made the reservations, and we were set.

Leading up to Jacob coming down from school, I asked if we had any plans for Saturday after breakfast or if we should plan something fun. Jacob couldn’t think of anything fun to do and neither could I. I began having thoughts that maybe he was planning an engagement since we usually always jam pack our weekends together with fun activities and dates, and here we were with a practically empty Saturday.

Jacob told me since I never wear dresses that I should go out and buy a new dress, an he would even buy it. This was suscpisous, but not completely because it is something Jacob would definitely say. I found a perfect dress that he liked, but he did not tell me when I should wear it. I continued to test this proposal hypothesis of mine by asking Jacob if I should wear the dress to breakfast Saturday morning, or if I should curl my hair or do my makeup (things I usually never do). He continued to ride it off and told me to do whatever I want, and that I always look pretty no matter what.

Pause for one second here. Jacob, since December, has been growing this huge beard for fun. Almost everyone we know does not think it looks good, including me. I knew that Jacob would never propose to me with that beard.

Friday night comes, I haven’t seen Jacob in two months! I go over to where Jacob lives when he is not at school, his grandparents house. He gets in late and we hang out. I start to get hungry and go to the fridge to find some food. In the fridge is Costco sized party platters of sandwiches, fruit, and vegetables. They are having a party! I ask Jacob about it, and doesn’t know what it is about. In my perfect imaginary world, this is food for our engagement party! In my attempt to understand the food, I suggest maybe they are having people over for Memorial Day. Jacob agrees that is probably right. About an hour after hanging out, he sends me home saying he is exhausted from driving.

The next morning, Saturday, Jacob comes over to pick me up from my apartment, and I am in my dress with some makeup and my hair done. Jacob shows up in a nice outfit, but with that beard was still there! I thought to myself, how selfish of me to think that Jacob would propose the same weekend that Ryan is proposing to his girlfriend! I completely threw out the idea of it happening today.

Jacob and I took his 2-seat red Mazda Miata, and Ryan and Emily drove their own car claiming that they had plans after and it would not make sense to take one car.

We had a wonderful breakfast, except for the fact that Jacob spilled syrup on his shirt. Jacob said to me he wants to go home to watch a soccer game, and suggests to me that I should study for an upcoming exam. No proposal for sure.


We leave the restaurant and head back to our cars parked in a residential area behind the restaurant. As we begin walking down a hill with our cars parked about 100 meters away, Jacob notices a man opening his car door and says, “I guess someone is getting in the wrong car.” The lights of the car go on, and that man starts driving his car away! I lose it! I begin yelling and running toward the car screaming “SOMEONE IS STEALING OUR CAR!!!” I am trying to get everyone’s attention around us, because if you see something, you gotta say something! Just my luck, a police truck drives by on a perpendicular road, and I begin to run to tell them what is going on. Emily grabs my arm and tells me we need to go, she says that Jacob is calling the police, so lets go to our car and follow them. Well, because I made such a loud noise, this nice couple does tell that police car about what is happening. From a distance as I am getting in the car, I yell at them “TELL THE POLICE ITS A RED MIATA!”

We get in Ryan’s car, Jacob is driving and Ryan is on the phone with 911. We make the same left turn as we saw the theif turn, and go north on PCH, the same direction that the police truck turned just before us. I am freaking out! As we slowly but surely make it through the traffic and lights of PCH, we do not see the Miata or the police truck. However, about 4-5 police SUV’s and motorcycles pass us with their lights on. I am thinking, thank goodness that these cops are on it!! After about a mile, Ryan hears word from the 911 dispatch that the suspect has been apprehended on Crescent Bay Drive. Less than 5 seconds later, we are at that street and make the left turn! We see in the distance at the end of the cul-de-sac several police SUV’s parked. Jacob parks the car far back so that we cant see much, and tells me and Emily to stay put. He and Ryan take off sprinting up the street to the end.

Time seems to take forever to pass by. At one point a police on a motorcycle drives back and looks like he is leaving the scene. I am curious to know whats going on, so I yell out the window “Thank you!!” He comes over and asks me if I am with the people whose car was stolen. I say yes, and he asks me if one of us is the one that called the police, I explain to him who called the police and everything that happened. He nods his head in confusion and heads back to the scene.

Several minutes later, I finally get a call from Jacob! I answer, and Jacob asks me if I want the good news or the bad news. I asked what could the bad news possibly be!? He explains that the suspect has been apprehended, but as he was fleeing, he threw his keys into the bushes, and they are now trying to find them. Just as he is explaining this, all of the cop cars begin to drive past us. I cut off Jacob and once again yell out my window “Thank you!” Jacob tells me to come with Emily and help find the keys. He also said, when you get up here, take the path to the left because that’s where the suspect ran.

We begin walking up the street to the end of the cul-de-sac. Emily says, “Here is the path, lets go down it” Well, I am thinking his keys could be literally anywhere, so I start searching everywhere. Emily basically dragged me to continue walking down the path. Finally, after a bend in the path, I see Jacob ahead leaning over a fence. Emily stops walking with me, and I turn around and ask her why she stopped. She tells me to go on ahead. I turn back and see that Jacob changed his shirt. I yell over to him “Did you change your shirt!?!” He turned and waved me over. When he faced me, I saw that he no longer had a beard! That is when I knew what was happening. As I got closer, I saw flowers everywhere, and a picture perfect ocean view and I did not know what to do with myself. Still so confused about the car chase, but also so nervous about what was about to happen. I walked up to Jacob asking him what is going on in nervous anticipation, and put my head into his shoulder. He whispered in my ear that this was all apart of the plan. After a few second of standing there he tells me “You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Then he dropped on one knee and said “Kelsey Collins, will you marry me?” I said yes!

13319751_10153835923722087_6299425573163620056_n (1)

After we finally gathered ourselves and the romantic moment was over, all of our friends jump out of the bushes! Still confused, I ask Jacob what in the world is going on?! Well, Jacobs friend Davis was the car hijacker. In an ideal word, Davis was supposed to steal the car, and we were supposed to chase him all while Ryan was pretending to call 911. Well, it was only because of my loud mouth that the cops were actually called by a bystander. Once Davis had turned on Pacific Coast Highway, that police truck that had driven by had gotten behind him and followed him until more backup came! Thankfully, the cops were very understanding and even gave us the information to find the footage of the police apprehending, frisking, and hand cuffing Davis! What a day to remember!

The proposal

Special Thanks

Kelsey R Collins