Kelsey and Jacob

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How We Met

I met Jacob in the fall of 2016. He had moved back to Nashville to help run the restaurant where I was managing. I can own the fact that for me, it was love at first sight. For him, not so much. We developed a friendship over time and the next thing I knew he had become the person I confided in. We talked/texted every day but really never hung out. I became a big Predators hockey fan (obviously just over here trying to impress him) and he started to share my love for music. We went on our first date the summer of 2017. The rest is history.

Kelsey and Jacob's Engagement in Miramar Beach, Florida

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Kelsey's Proposal in Miramar Beach, Florida

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How They Asked

Jacob’s family takes a trip to Florida every year in September. It was my second time joining in on the festivities. It was our second day there. Jacob and I woke up and he asked if I wanted to walk down the beach to get lunch later. That was nothing out of the norm for us so I said yes and went about our day. Jacob kept prolonging going to lunch and I was getting HANGRY. Little did I know he was just trying to wait for my parent’s and brother’s delayed flight (had no idea they were coming) to get in so they could celebrate our engagement.

We started walking down the beach. Once we were about to reach the restaurant he stopped and starting talking to me. I was still very confused and still very hungry. Next thing I know, he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. YALL, I do not cry and the tears were flowing. I said yes and heard everyone around us cheering.

We went to get a celebratory drink and I wanted to call my parents. Jacob was adamant on us being in the moment and calling them once we got back to the house. Once we got back, his family had set up a beautiful surprise engagement party for us. I was soaking everything in when I heard my dad’s voice coming up the stairs saying “heard there’s a party here”. Cue the waterworks again.

I am so happy I get to marry my best friend and my love at first sight.