Kelsey and Ian

How we met: Ian and I met on facebook! We had been facebook friends for about 8 years so we would occasionally see pictures of each other through our newsfeed but had never spoken. We both went to the University of Missouri and didn’t not run into each other. After college, Ian moved to Kansas City. Four years later, I moved to Kanas City. One day, Ian saw me running my dog on the plaza from afar but was unable to catch up to me. He followed up with a Facebook message asking me on a date and the rest is history!!

Image 1 of Kelsey and Ian

how they asked: Ian created a secret scavenger hunt. I woke up on a Saturday morning to a note, aka a clue! Each clue led me to a special location and I was greeted by the most important people in my life whom would hand me my next clue. First my parents and sister, then Ian’s mom and sister, then my amazing girlfriends, followed by Ian’s best friends. I started on this walk by myself, picked up 25 people along the way, and ended with the love of my life. We celebrated with champagne, chocolate croissants, good music, and a lot of love at our favorite park in Kansas City!

Image 2 of Kelsey and Ian

Image 3 of Kelsey and Ian