Kelsey and Gerald

Image 1 of Kelsey and Gerald

How We Met

We actually had SEVERAL mutual friends and had attended the same parties and group functions with friends for months. In July 2017 we went to a 4th of July party at a mutual friends house and we just hit it off. It was the first time I was seeing him as someone I wanted to be with. He is a musician and was suppose to sing that night for all of our friends, while on stage he dedicated a song to me and sang it. Something in my heart that night knew this was the one. We have been together ever since!

How They Asked

My best friend Taya, had just gotten engaged in December of 2019. She had asked me to be her maid of honor in her wedding, which I easily accepted. She called me one week and asked me to go shopping with her on Saturday because she had engagement pictures coming up and needed my help with her outfit she also needed her nails done for the pictures so we went to the nail salon first. I picked a very pretty lavender color and she said “purple? are you sure you want to do purple?” i was so confused cause I couldn’t understand why it mattered what color I got. When it was time to leave she jumped in front of me to pay and said “its on me as a little maid of honor gift”… I should have caught on but still I was CLUELESS. After that we went to the mall and every store we went in to she kept trying to buy things for me. I was getting annoyed because I didn’t want her paying for all my things. While shopping she asked me what our plans were that evening and we didn’t have any. I texted Gerald and said “LETS DOUBLE DATE WITH TAYA AND JAMES” and he agreed. He said he wanted to go to a nice expensive restaurant – its one we go to rarely even though we love it because it is so pricey, but he said “we havent got to dress up and go on a date in a while”. I told him to make reservations for 7PM (unbeknownst to me he had already had reservations booked for over a week at 6 PM so he had to call and change them). We went home and got dressed up and went to the restaurant. We had such a good dinner and then they brought out the dessert. (Little back story, for the 2.5 years or so that we dated not 1 time did we say “I love you” to eachother – he always said that he wanted to wait until he knew we were going to be a forever thing) – he starts by grabbing my hand (I’m still clueless by the way) and he says “I have a confession to make” and of course, me being who I am and our relationship is one that involves multiple jokes and laughter I respond “YOU HAVE A SIDE CHICK” we all laugh and Taya’s Fiance James says “yeah it’s me”. Gerald gathers himself and starts again with “I have a confession to make” again still clueless interrupts and says “is it that James is your side chick”. Poor guy, I think at this point he was reconsidering the question he was about to ask. This time he says “Will you please just hush and let me finish…..I have a confession to make. I bet you didn’t know that 2 weeks ago I called your dad and took him to lunch and asked him if I could have your hand in marriage.” (pause because at this point everything is falling into place and I realize what is happening and I kinda go into shock)…okay back to it “I also bet you didn’t know that last Wednesday, I called your mom and we went to a jewelry store and she helped me pick out a ring for you. You also don’t know that this morning when I took Branton (my 7-year-old son), to get his hair cut this morning and then to lunch, that I sat him down and asked him if he would be okay with me marrying you and if he would let me be his Dad now. Branton said yes, so here I am asking for the same answer from you. I haven’t said it before but I am saying it now, I love you. I have for a very long time and I want to know will you please do me the honor of being my wife” – I was still in shock and kinda blacked out, which is the only explanation I can give for saying yes and then immediately grabbing the ring from the box he was holding and putting it on my finger myself.