Kelsey and Garrett

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How We Met

Garrett and I met the summer of 2016. He and I were both working for a camp called FUGE camps. During that summer, I was located at Carson Newman University. Garrett was working in West Palm Beach and as a special teamer(someone who travels to different locations). On the last week of camp, we were short a few staffers, so Garrett ended up coming to Carson Newman to help us out. After meeting him before campers arrived, I ended up getting his number for “camp reasons”. Long story short, we found out we live 3 miles apart and have for the past 10 years. Yes, 3 miles, and we never knew it! A week later, after camp had ended, he decided to pursue me. Over the course of two weeks a lot of unexpected life situations happened. I ended up tearing my ACL and meniscus, therefore, requiring surgery. The day before my injury, Garrett had already asked me to go on our first date. We were beyond determined to make this work, even though I was walking on crutches. Three days later, on Friday, Garrett picked me up and wheeled me around on our first date. The day ended up flying by as we went to the aquarium, Hennen’s for dinner, and to the park where Garrett asked me to be his girlfriend. When did I know Garrett was the one? July 28, 2016, when Garrett asked my father for his permission to date me. I knew from that day on Garrett wasn’t just your typical guy. He is the real deal.

how they asked

Let me start off by saying, the proposal was a complete surprise to me! Garrett knows I usually figure out all of his surprises, so he had to work really hard to keep everything a secret. Garrett proposed on a Saturday, but I am going to start on Monday. All of this I figured out after the proposal happened.

On Monday, Garrett went and picked up the ring. He said as soon as he saw the ring, he knew he was going to propose this coming weekend. Tuesday rolls around and his car breaks down. So every suspicion I had about a potential proposal went right out the window. Little did I know, Garrett’s church ended up renting him a car to drive home for the weekend. Garrett ended up asking my dear friend, Christy, for help. Christy texted me earlier in the week saying she was coming to Chattanooga and wanted to have breakfast on Saturday. After begging to hang out (I had a major test I was trying to prepare for), I ended up agreeing to hang out.

I had to work a 12 hour shift on Friday, giving Garrett the perfect opportunity to take my parents to lunch and asking for their permission. Later that night, Christy, Garrett, and his entire family started planning and preparing for the big day. As Saturday rolls around, Christy gets to my house around 9:30 and we headed to Maple Street Biscuit Company for a yummy breakfast. After breakfast, we headed to Coolidge Park. Christy explained she wanted to take artsy pictures of me in the park. We started to walk into the park and noticed there is a Yoga convention going on, so we were limited on spots. I just so happened to mention that Garrett and I had a special spot in the park. This spot is very special to us. It’s where Garrett asked me to be his girlfriend and ever since then we would periodically visit and reminisce on our relationship.

Christy said we should head over towards our spot. Once we arrived at the spot, I see Garrett standing in a circle of rose petals. Standing completely shocked, he asked me to come towards him. After being apart for a week, all I could do was hug him! He proceeded to pull out a letter and began reading the most beautiful words every girl wants to hear. As tears ran down his face, he got down on one knee and asked me one of the most important questions of my life. After replying yes, obviously, I turned around to see our family cheering and clapping for us from the bridge above.

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As family came to congratulate us, his mother presented us with our first gift. We read a letter that was written about his grandmother who pasted away 2 years ago that same day. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting her. She crocheted this beautiful blanket for Garrett and I not knowing who he’d marry at the time. Garrett goes on to read the letter and explained he wanted something good to happen in September. Needless to say it was a bittersweet day knowing that even though they lost one family member, they would be gaining another one.

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