Kelsey and Eric


Eric and I have known for a while that someday we will marry each other. But I never imagined that day would be in the near future.

We’re both dancers, so often times we’re fortunate enough to have a job performing together, but other times we have different jobs and have to spend some time apart.

In a few months, we will be doing just that. So we decided to spend some time together on a road trip to the west coast. I had never been to California before, so Eric chose the Torrey Pines Hiking Trails as a proposal location because he knew I would love the scenery.

I was already having such a great time on our trip that it didn’t even cross my mind that Eric might be proposing. I was so surprised when he pulled out the little box that I couldn’t hold back the tears.



I had such a rush of emotions that most of the proposal seems like a blur to be honest, but it was still one of the best moments of my life.


Special Thanks

Jacob Bechtol
live Your life Photography