Kelsey and Derick


How We Met

Derick and I grew up together because my best friend is his cousin so from the 4th grade on Derick has had a crush on me. I remember his cousin (taylors) 12tg birthday at raging waters Derick and I were in line for a ride and he was sitting there dropping hints saying “he liked blonde girls with blue eyes and the name Kelsey” me being 12 I was starstruck over the boys that were like 16 and kinda just waved him off. It took him until I was 16 to agree to date him on September 25th 2011.



how they asked

We’ve had couple pictures planned with his cousin who’s a photographer for two weeks and he wouldn’t stop complaining about it, finally we get to the day and he was still complaining while taking photos, we had an outfit change and he went to the truck while me and the photographer (maliahseavey) we looking at some of the pictures we already took from the  corner of my eye I noticed him coming up in a black shirt I instantly get upset with him because I didn’t pick out a black shirt for him to wear for the pictures and once he got in front he moved the things in front of his shirt and it said “will you be mine forever” and he got down on one knee and poured his heart out asking me to marry him.


I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man.



After the tears stopped and finally being able to breathe he pulls out a shirt that said “yes”.


He couldn’t have picked a more perfect time.



Special Thanks