Kelsey and Derek

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How We Met

It was April 15th 2011 – I was with my girlfriends like I would be on any given Friday night. We were all planning on keeping it pretty low-key as we had a 5k to run the next morning. One of my girlfriends got a call about a party happening at a mutual friends house so we decided we could go for a few hours and make it home early enough to get some sleep for our race the next day. It was a really cold, rainy night and I did not feel like getting all dolled up, so I went to the party in a rain coat and yoga pants. After being at the party for an hour or so I noticed the door open and in walked this really hot guy. Not knowing who he was or ever seeing him before I asked my friends if anyone knew who this mystery man was. Turns out he was the older brother of our friend who was throwing the party. Not feeling super confident in myself (hence the rain coat and yoga pants) I didn’t say more than 3 words to Derek that night and we ended up leaving the party shortly after.

Fast forward a few weeks and I found myself still thinking of Derek. Totally cliché but I swear after I saw Derek for the first time I just knew I needed to get to know him. Luckily for me I was friends with his brother Kevin and it just so happened that I was going to be seeing Kevin that coming week. I knew I wasn’t going to let another night pass without getting Derek’s phone number, so I did just that. One text turned into a whole week of getting to know each other and here we are 5 years later with a house, our two dogs and starting to plan our next adventure!!

how they asked

A quick little back story– Growing up I spent most of my summers with my family at my Grandparents lake house on Cole lake in Wright Minnesota. It easily became my own little slice of heaven and a place I will forever hold so close to my heart. Sadly with the passing of my Grandparents, and the upkeep on a lake house our family came to terms that it was time to put the house up for sale. With the house sitting on the market for 5 years I had made it up in my mind that it would never sell and we would get to keep it forever! Wishful thinking on my part. This past May 2016 someone made an offer we couldn’t past up, and they would be closing Memorial Weekend.

So! After being together for almost 5 years, Derek and I had often talked about getting married and what our future together would look like. We had the house, the 2 dogs and I was patiently not so patiently waiting for the engagement. With our 5 year anniversary coming up on May 29th 2016 I was sure it was going to happen soon. Our anniversary always falls around memorial weekend, I knew if we wanted to plan something fun for us I needed to make reservations as Derek is not the planning type. To my surprise while sitting at home one night he informed me that he had planned a getaway for our anniversary and it was going to be a total surprise to me. Obviously the first thing that came to mind was that this is it, this has to be when he is going to propose.

When our family got the offer on my grandparents lake house and I found out we would be accepting it my heart sank. I had always envisioned having my wedding there or engagement pictures taken on the gorgeous land. Derek knew this was a dream of mine so when he heard the news he knew he needed to come up with a new plan for the way he was going to propose. Little did I know I basically planned the whole day myself. I knew they would be closing on the house Memorial weekend, with our anniversary falling on the same weekend and Derek planning the surprise trip for us I knew we wouldn’t get to be out there with my family. Derek is off work on Mondays so I asked him if I took a Monday off, if we could go spend a day at the lake one last time.

May 16th 2016 — The day started out totally normal, it was Monday and we had made plans to attend “Eat with your student week” at Derek’s nieces school. She is in 1st grade so we got to bring her donuts and eat breakfast with her. Thankfully we did that before going out to the lake, otherwise I would have been in sweats with no makeup. After finishing breakfast we headed home to pack a lunch and get the dogs. The lake house is about an hour from where we live, I didn’t notice Derek acting different or out of the normal so I totally had no idea what would take place once we got to the lake. After pulling in I was worried about getting the keys to open up the house, it was kind of windy and I wanted to get inside. while looking for the key, I had to call my mom because I couldn’t find it. Of course she didn’t answer, so while waiting for her to call me back I went to the back of the house where the lake and dock are. We hooked up the dogs and hung out for a few minutes on the picnic table. Not even thinking twice I headed out to the end of the dock, Derek followed me and we spent a minute or two looking over the water. Derek started to rub my back and all I really remember from this point on is he asked me if I was happy we made it out to lake one last time. That is when I saw him start to get down on one knee and my mind went to mush. I remember Derek being down on his knee for what felt like forever and the next thing I know he pulled out the most beautiful ring. I was crying, it was windy and I absolutely have no idea what was said, except he asked me to spend forever with him and I said yes, please don’t drop the ring in the water!!

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After hugging and realizing what had just happened I turned around and on shore were my sister and her friend, They were able to capture the whole thing!! We spent the rest of the afternoon calling our families who were totally surprised as they all thought it was going to happen on our anniversary trip (that is when Derek told everyone it was going to happen) It truly was the most amazing day of my life. Derek made our engagement so personal and I will forever be thankful that I have those last memories at the lake.

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