Kelsey and Derek

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How We Met

Derek & I grew up in towns right beside each other. He is from Kingfisher & I am from Cashion. We had always known of each other, but had never talked or even met. Half way into my first year of college, I felt God telling me to start whole heartedly focusing on strengthening my relationship with Him & that he would bring me someone when the time was right. So that’s what I did starting in a January of 2016. In June of 2016 I was a huddle leader at FCA camp in Oklahoma. Derek, being older than me, wasn’t a huddle leader but came to camp with some friends to help out wherever needed. I remember the first time I saw him was when the FCA staff was standing in a big circle praying.

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I remember looking up for some reason & looking right at him. I thought to myself, “that’s Derek Patterson. Wow he’s so cute.” Then continued praying… haha.. the next day at breakfast I noticed him the second he walked into the cafeteria, but still we didn’t talk. A couple hours later at lunch FINALLY we talked. I walked in the door just has he was passing by & I said “your Derek Patterson right?” At the same time he said, “how are you?” And that was it. That was what started it all. Fat forward week later we had hung out about 3 times & I remember calling my friend after leaving his house & saying “he’s the one. I’m going to marry him. I just know it.”

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how they asked

Something we have always done is when either of us plan a date, we always keep it as a surprise. No matter what it is, we don’t tell each other. Derek loves to golf, so I planned a date in October 2016 where we went to some family owned land we have & we just hit golf balls into the bond & ate pizza in the back of my car. He eventually told me later that that was when he knew he loved me, but he was too chicken to say it. Friday night was my birthday & we didn’t go out to celebrate because of Derek coaching a football game back home. We had a whole plan to celebrate with friends Saturday night. Derek had told me a couple weeks before he wanted just us to go to dinner then meet up with everyone. I agreed, but I never bothered asking where we were going because I knew he would say, “it’s a surprise.” Saturday night he picked me up from my house in Cashion & started driving the opposite way of the city. I was a little confused. The second he turned into the driveway to go to the land, my heart just began beating so so fast.

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I knew, but at the same time I didn’t want to get my hopes up. He pulled up to the same spot we parked my car on that October night. As we started walking closer to the pond, I noticed a blanket laid out with roses scattered all around, a picnic basket, more roses, & a picture frame I had gifted Derek a while back. At this point I really knew what was happening.

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Derek grabbed both of my hands & just said that this was the spot he fell in love with me but couldn’t get enough courage to tell me. He told me that that night in October he knew I was the one & he knew he wanted to bring me back there to propose to me.

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After the proposal, all of our family & friends were waiting at my sisters house to celebrate with us. It was the best night & still doesn’t feel real.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Vorva
 | Photographer