Kelsey and Dan

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How We Met

I met my fiancé during an internship at Ernst & Young in the summer of 2011. We became good friends and then in late summer of 2012 we began dating.

how they asked

It all began as a normal weekend getaway…taking a road trip up north, going on a beautiful hike, swinging by a local brewery and little did I know the next part of the night would change my life forever! It was then time to see Transformers at the local drive-in movie theater. We had the best spot in the park, front row center. When the screen began to play the coming attraction I did not realize what was happening until a slide show of memories from our five years spent together flashed before my eyes on the big screen. I could no longer hold back the tears rolling down my face as Dan quietly sung in my ear lyrics to a love song that was playing through everyone’s car speakers. At the end of the song the big question appeared on the screen and of course I said yes. Honking horns, people cheering and flashing headlights imitated the fireworks that I felt in my heart. My parents and his parents came out of the woodworks to congratulate us.. This was a movie that I had yet to see but will never forget. I could not have asked for a better man to share the rest of my life with and can’t wait to create more memories with you! Let’s keep the cameras rolling…

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