Kelsey and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met in our first class of college in Sept. of 2010. We both say that we knew from the minute we saw each other that there was a spark between us but freshman year of college got in the way. Thankfully, our paths crossed again that summer and we began dating on Sept 23, 2011 after a date to Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, NY. The next three years was certainly an adventure as we finished up our college careers, said goodbye to some of our loved ones (we miss you Nan and Pop), and went on some unforgettable vacations.

Image 1 of Kelsey and Cody

how they asked

On a beautiful sunny Sept. 23, 2014 (our 3 year anniversary) Cody took me back to the very spot we had our first date. We explored the aquarium like we were back in our freshman year of college. After our visit was over he asked another tourist if she would mind taking a picture of us. What I didn’t know was that he had asked the lady to video us as he was about to pop the question. From there its a blur filled with tears and of course a resounding HELL-YES!! I still stare at my ring and am in awe that I am living this fairytale with my prince charming. We are planning on tying the knot two years from that exact date, Sept. 23, 2016!

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