Kelsey and Chuck

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How We Met

Chuck and I met at our gym, Cross-fit No Quarter in May 2015. I joined because a friend thought I would like it and he had been a member there for about a year already. We chatted here and there every so often, but he thought I had a boyfriend and nothing came of our conversations. A few months later, I started to think maybe I liked this guy, but was too afraid to tell our mutual friends. I finally got the courage to become his Fitbit friend and started messaging him, because of course asking for his number seemed way too forward. One day I was with a friend at brunch and thanks to some liquid courage texted our mutual friends that I think I liked Chuck. With the help of them and my Fitbit messages, we had our first date in September 2015. Just a few weeks later it was official and here we are engaged!

how they asked

We had been talking about getting married for awhile now, and come 2017 I knew the proposal was near, just not exactly sure when! He decided he wanted to go to Asheville one weekend in February to meet up with a friend who recently moved to North Carolina and go hiking. Now this wouldn’t be exactly out of the ordinary, except he planned the whole trip including booking the Airbnb which is usually my job during our trip planning! He told me he wanted to maybe go to a winery after we hike that weekend, so I assumed he would propose then because of our love of wine. Come Saturday morning, nothing seemed suspicious and we drove about an hour and a half outside of Asheville for the hike.

It was FREEZING and I was complaining about the cold and really wanted to get the hike over with so we could get to the winery where I thought the proposal was happening. Chuck even let me go into his hiking bag to put my stuff in it and didn’t flinch, so I was positive he didn’t have the ring with him. We met up with our friend Corey at the base of the hike, and he just so happens to have a nice camera. He often goes on cool hikes and takes pictures so I didn’t think too much into that. His wife was sick that morning, so the three of us started the hike. Only 15 minutes in, they decided they wanted to stop and take pictures. I thought this was a little strange since we’d just started the hike, but went along with it. So Corey goes off on his own and Chuck asks me to take a panorama picture on his phone. I complained that I didn’t want to take my gloves off because I was so cold, but he convinced me to do it anyway. As I’m taking the picture (you can see in the panorama picture below where I realized the proposal was happening), I all of a sudden hear “Hey…” and turn around to Chuck on one knee asking me to marry him!

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I forgot how to talk momentarily, so just gave him a hug. He had to ask me if that was a yes or not, and I was then able to answer him.

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We’re so thankful Corey was there to capture the special moment because we’re in love with the pictures! We then just had a relaxing rest of the day exploring Asheville and are so excited to get married!

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Special Thanks

Corey Gibson
 | photographer