Kelsey and Christopher's Surprise Proposal in Central Park

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How We Met

We both graduated from Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. I (Kelsey) moved to Dallas for a job as an Interior Designer at an architecture/design firm in August 2012, as Chris was a senior at MC. Surprisingly, the two of us didn’t know one another during undergrad. Following graduation in May of 2013, Chris moved to Dallas for law school at SMU. In the fall of 2014, a close friend of Chris that also attended MC told him he knew of me and thought Chris should reach out to me. Thankfully, my phone buzzed one day at work as he asked me to grab coffee. We set a time & date; however, we ended up having a quick change of plans when I realized my car battery had died (oops for leaving a light on!), but we met up at the State Fair of Texas a few hours later and still joke about it. One and a half years later, we’re getting married!

how they asked

I was in NYC for BDNY, a boutique design trade show. My co-worker Jessica and I decided that we would tack on a couple of extra days and take her husband and Chris to NY with us. The goal was to have a fun weekend of sight-seeing before getting to work on Sunday when the show started. Little did I know, both of our families (13 people total!) were lurking around the city as well. Being from the South, we’re both huge on family, so I told Chris that I cared nothing about the plans of the proposal except that family was nearby after to celebrate. In true Chris fashion, he exceeded every expectation that I had.

On November 8th, Jess and I woke up and headed over to the Javits Center for the tradeshow. When we left, we called the boys to see what they were up to. Jess is an adventurer, so I am always down for anything she comes up with. After chatting with the guys, she suggested the Upper East Side for a quick lunch, so we hailed a cab and took off.

As we were eating lunch, Jess mentioned that she and Benjamin needed to take a Christmas card picture and Central Park was the perfect location. Being the design/photography lover that I am, I was 100% on board and we headed over to the park. Jess & Chris were basically in a run through the park, and little did I know they were texting my family, telling them to take their places. Benjamin walked in the back with me, keeping me focused on anything he possibly could other than what was happening ahead. We tried out several locations to take pictures, and eventually landed at Bethesda Terrace. As I was absolutely oblivious, our families had started gathering across the water, near the boathouse. I snapped several photos before Chris suggested that we have Jess & Benjamin take a few of us. As we jumped into place, signs suddenly went up behind us that read “MARRY ME?”. Still clueless, I kept smiling yet started to feel a bit awkward due to the large crowd starting to gather and point. I tried to turn my head, but Chris held it in place. I just went along with it and stood there somewhat confused. Finally, Jess walked up to us to show us what a “great picture” we had taken as she zoomed in on the part that read “MARRY ME.” It all started to click as I noticed our family, and Chris hit his knee amongst a cheering crowd. And, of course, I said YES!

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Side Notes:

  • Our dads got lost with the signs and were supposed to exit 84th Street, but exited 124th. They were almost late to the proposal.
  • Chris dropped the ring box earlier that day. Thankfully, Benjamin was walking behind him and spotted the box.

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