Kelsey and Christian

How We Met

I met Christian the summer before my senior year of high school- I was actually on a double date with another guy! We all went out to eat and then to a local park where we were going to play volleyball. When we got there I noticed two guys playing basketball that caught me and my friends eyes. At that time we would play this game with each other and would “call” guys andImage 1 of Kelsey and Christian whoever said it first got to talk to that guy first. My eyes went straight to a super tan, hot guy with his shirt off and white shorts on… I immediately said “I call him!” We went on playing volleyball with the guys we were actually on a date with and eventually they had somewhere to go and we wanted to stay and “play more volleyball” (talk to those other guys) so we stayed behind. Pretty soon after we saw the guys leaving and decided to follow them to the parking lot. We got in our cars and as we drove by them we rolled down our windows, pretty much cat-called them, and sped off. The guys jumped in their car and followed us and eventually caught up and shined their brights at us. We pulled over and the guy in the passenger seat yelled “hey whats your number” – I thought it was the guy in white shorts so I was about to yell out my number because I called him of course, but my friend got hers out before me. So the driver says “so whats your number then” and I gave him mine.

My friend got the first text and I was so upset. All night I kept saying, “ask him what color shorts he had on”– eventually she did and got the response that I was hoping she’d get. “I had red shorts on.” I was ecstatic but was still waiting for that text from the boy in white shorts. The next day he finally texted me and we texted a little here and there but not a lot; a few weeks went by and I started dating someone else. I actually blew off “white shorts” boy a couple times because I did start seeing someone. Eventually, around July I knew it wouldn’t work with this other guy and we ended things- that same day, Christian, white shorts boy, texted me. I was in Florida but we planned to go on a date when I got back and this time, I didn’t blow him off and my life was changed forever. We saw Twilight and went to eat chick-fil-a, the perfect date for 17 year olds. He didn’t kiss me or even touch me the first 5 times we went on a date… And finally, after many times hanging out, we had our first kiss on my grandparents lake house dock, and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

It was our five year anniversary and I wanted to go on a trip together as a present. I didn’t really want anything in particular and neither did he so I thought it would be perfect — but Christian is a Crossfit athlete and wouldn’t be able to train like he should if we went in December so it was a no-go. I was upset and moped around the whole week of our anniversary because five years was a big deal to me and I didn’t want just another present- even though they’re great- I wanted something special. Christian knew that, and just like a man he loved annoying me saying, “its just five years, its not big deal.” But I knew a trip wouldn’t work and we are both still in school with a year left so a ring was out of the question; so I asked for a Kate Spade watch. I asked Christian to at least plan the evening and so he did, when I asked what we were doing he said “picking up sushi from Shogun (our favorite restaurant), and going to eat out at your grandparents dock (where we had our first kiss over 5 years ago). I WAS SO MAD. I know every single girl tells their best friend how they want to be proposed to, what kind of ring they want, etc. And THIS was how I wanted to be proposed to. On the dock where we shared our first kiss, with a picnic and sunset. I immediately called Ashley, my best friend, and told her I now have to think of a different way I want to be proposed to because he ruined it. It was very sweet that he wanted to do this but I also was disappointed. Christian obviously didn’t know about all this, or so I thought. On the day of, he picked me up and we went and picked up our food and drove to my grandparents house. He had christmas lights strung up and candles he brought, it was very romantic and he is not romantic at all so I was so impressed.

We ate and I gave him his presents first; then it was my turn to open presents. First he handed me a card which was also different because he NEVER writes me anything- I opened it up and inside was 3 handwritten pages. He grabbed it from me and read it out loud. Naturally, I was crying because it was so sweet and I told him that was the best present he could’ve ever given me.

Image 2 of Kelsey and Christian

After he read the letter to me he gave me my box and I knew it was the Kate Spade watch I asked for but when I opened it I was very confused. It was a Minnie Mouse watch for a child…. I think my exact words were “alright very funny but where’s the real watch?” As I was looking at the Minnie Mouse watch Christian had reached down and grabbed the ring out of the inside of his sock where he was keeping it- I didn’t even know this part until I saw the pictures!

The next thing I knew…. Christian was down on his knee, asking me to spend the rest of our lives together (Minnie Mouse watch and all) I was bawling- I didn’t even answer him, all I could do was hug him.

Image 3 of Kelsey and Christian

Image 4 of Kelsey and Christian

To make this magical day even better, At this point when we were standing up hugging (me sobbing) I heard screams “DID YOU SAY YES??” And out of my grandparents house came running both our families and all of our friends! Christian started laughing and pointed in the woods at our good friend who was dressed head to toe in camo taking pictures from the woods. He planned this whole magical night, included the people that mean the most to us, had someone taking pictures to capture it all, proposed at the same place as our first kiss and– my dream ring!!!

5 years later and I am going to marry the most wonderful, Christian, handsome man in the world: “white shorts boy” –I am blessed.

Image 5 of Kelsey and Christian

Image 6 of Kelsey and Christian

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Special Thanks

Caleb Williams
 | Photography