Kelsey and Chris

Kelsey's Proposal in It was at our house we just purchased

How We Met

Well that’s a long story on how we met. It all started 5 years ago when my best friend was having her birthday party at a bar, she callled me that night and asked if I was coming out and I had just had a fight with my boyfriend at the time so I really didn’t want to go out but she didn’t care she wanted me to come out. So I went to the bar and my boyfriend at the time tug along when I got there they only had one seat left so I sat down and ordered some food and drinks. After sitting for a guy with crystal blue eyes came up asked who I was and I introduced my boyfriend at the time. So need less to say I didn’t get his number or even a name because he walked away. A few months later the same friend asked me if I wanted to go out to the same place again. We went out and had a few drinks when I noticed the same guy with crystal blue eyes come in again. He walked over and said hi and introduced his self. It was his birthday so he had a few people there he was hanging out with so I left him alone till I had to leave. I handed a napkin to him that said “call me maybe” that night I had recieved a text and to that day we talked to each other everyday.

Proposal Ideas It was at our house we just purchased

how they asked

Well we had a house warming party for our family and friends to view our new home and we were well into the party and we all went outside to hang out and play some out door games and when we went out he told me to give a speech thanking everyone for showing up and making our new house a home. Now I’m the type of person that hates to give speeches no matter the amount of people listening to me. I got four words out and I noticed my sister making a confused face and also everyone recording me. So I turned around thinking I would see my fiancé doing something weird but when I turned around he was on one knee!!!!!! And of course I had to say YES!!!!!