Kelsey and Chris

How We Met

Everyone always asks…”Okay, so how did you two meet?” Funny story actually; it all started in Kindergarten. One day at recess a certain little boy kissed a certain little girl on the parking lot and that’s where it all began. We started dating our Senior year of high school and into college where Chris went to Mizzou (Go Tigers!) and I went to SEMO down in Cape. We stayed together through thick and thin and never once found ourselves that much apart from each other. We learned a lot about each other during those 4 (or for Chris 3 and a half ) years and came out stronger than ever.  Soon after graduation we started our jobs, discussed more about our future and just like that we were ready for the next step.

how they asked

Little did I know that Chris had a BIG plan he had been organizing for a good 5 months last fall. One day after work I got a phone call from Chris, which is very typical. We like to catch up on each other’s days and figure out whose house we are going to for dinner. (We don’t always plan ahead for those things, sorry mom and Kim!) Shortly after discussing how our days were he says to me, “A bunch of my friends were talking the other night and we all want to go to Ireland. We should go to Ireland.” Hold the phone…Ireland?? Now, we both had been saving our money in understanding that we knew we wanted to start looking for houses and getting serious about our finances. I immediately said, “I don’t know about that, it’s too much money.” Chris, the man that he is, talked to me about how much fun we would have, about how we should go now because when else are we going to go and how much he wanted me to see it for myself because he had been there before and knew I would love it. A bit of convincing later and I was in! We booked our tickets in January, booked our places to stay along with our two good friends and waited for March 9th to come.  March 9th, 2017 we said our goodbyes for the next 10 days we would be out of the country and started our, soon-to-be, long journey.

It started with a safe flight to Newark, NJ. Phew, one stop down. The next flight out…not so much. We were delayed for over an hour which is where we hit a speed bump in the road. My bag was not to size for this plane so I had to check it at the gate and boy was Chris not happy about that. He wanted to make sure that we had our luggage with us at all times so nothing got lost. We made it overseas but still had one more flight to catch. After battling security we JUST made our connecting flight to Ireland. The only way we were able to make it on this plane in time was because Chris was in front of us while we were stuck in security. He pulled out the ring to show the gate attendant and she waited for us to round the corner like we had just finished a 5k. It was one of those “gift shops at every gate” kind of airport, so it took a bit longer than anticipated. Another safe flight and in Dublin we had arrived, but there was one more thing. My luggage was nowhere to be found…Chris’s worst nightmare had come true. We made it to the hostel and waited anxiously for my luggage to arrive. Thankfully the evening before we left our first stop, Cork, my bag had arrived safely with everything still intact.  The next morning was Sunday and Chris and I walked over to a BEAUTIFUL church to celebrate Mass before we headed out to Dingle.

The Lord was certainly watching out for us during our trip and we were happy to have come across this awesome place. Side story: Chris and I love to go to different churches every Sunday and check them out, so it was safe to say this particular one made the list. We headed out of town and the girls and Chris thought it would be awesome to go stop at the Cliffs of Moher for some scenic stretching and plus, I had never been there before. It was a very windy, yet sunny day which is very odd for Ireland since it’s typically cold and wet. As we made it up the Cliffs I knew I wanted a picture, so every pretty place (which was everywhere) I saw I said, “How about here?” “No,” he would say. “Let’s wait.” We walked, we saw and we came to a stopping point. He looked at me and said, “Okay, let’s take a picture here.” As we were cheesing for the camera he then looked at me gave me a kiss and started doing something I only dreamed of.

He got down on one knee, began to say some things (I have no clue what those words are to this day) and I saw a ring on my finger. Pictures were being taken, videos were rolling and people were clapping. We were in our own little world and didn’t hear/notice a thing. I don’t even remember him asking me to marry him so I made him ask me again. I would say yes all over again and can’t wait until April 14th, 2018 when our biggest dream finally becomes reality. I will say yes a million times!  We are so excited to share our love with everyone and feel truly blessed by the overwhelming support we have received. We are counting down the days until the two of us become one.

All our love, The future Mr. & Mrs. Shea.