Kelsey and Charles

How We Met

About 5 years ago, I was working as a Community Assistant at apartments for college students and I was on call that week in case anyone got locked out of their apartment! While I was sitting at a volleyball game on campus I got a call from a group of boys saying they needed to let it into their apartment and I was pretty annoyed that I got a call right after the game had started but, duty called! I got to the apartment and there were four boys and their families waiting outside when I realized their keys hadn’t been programmed properly. I offered to fix the keys and said I would drop them off to them later as they had just finished playing their football game and I said: “ok who’s number can I text to drop them off”. After deciding that Charles would give me his number, I dropped off the keys and we became friends and I guess this is where they say… the rest is history!

How They Asked

Charles and I have always wanted to get pictures of us at Dix Stadium before moving back to Columbus because it was a huge part of our relationship for 2 years and just holds a special place in our hearts. During a random conversation on Instagram, Jessica (our photographer) had said she would be in Cleveland on September 29th with a new camera and wanted to know if Charles and I would take some pictures for her and of course I was down!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dix Stadium at Kent State University

Kelsey and Charles's Engagement in Dix Stadium at Kent State University

Where to Propose in Dix Stadium at Kent State University

The day finally came and we had been taking pictures in downtown Kent and went to the stadium for the final pictures. We walked up one of the tunnels and she started snapping away! Well, the problem was that I was completely oblivious in the pictures that both of our families and a few of our best friends were waiting at the top of the bleachers holding signs! Finally, Jessica told us to hold hands and look up towards them and that’s when it hit me what was happening. Charles turned me around and got down on one knee and I, of course, said YES!

My ring is from the Disney princess collection because I am in love with Disney! It was hands down the best moment of my life and we then went up and celebrated with a champagne toast and insomnia cookies (my favorite!). He planned the most amazing proposal and I can’t wait to call him my husband in 2020!

Proposal Ideas Dix Stadium at Kent State University

Special Thanks

Jessica Woods
 | Photographer