Kelsey and Cameron

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How We Met

Cameron and I have gone to school together since kindergarten. We even rode the bus together for a short time in elementary school! We didn’t ever talk much, but sophomore year of high school he asked me dance with him, and I said no. He didn’t give up on me though! A couple years later, the summer before senior year, he decided it was time to try again. I was a football manager and he was on the football team. We had just finished taking our team photos for the year and I was taking all of their jerseys to put away when I overheard him and a friend talking about how they were planning to go to our local coffee shop for coffee. I jokingly told him to bring me one. Well a few hours later he showed up on my doorstep with coffee in hand! Soon after that we went to the coffee shop together for our first date!

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how they asked

After almost 3 years of dating, Cameron knew it was time to propose. He was working at a marketing firm at the time, so he teamed up with his coworkers to plan the perfect proposal. He told me that for his work needed to film a promotional video for downtown Goshen and they wanted to use us for some of their models. He said that we could pick the places that we would go to so he picked Venturi (the place where we spent our first Valentine’s Day) and The Electric Brew (the coffee shop where we had our first date).

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Special Thanks

Grant Beachy
 | Photographer
Stephanie DeBolt
 | Photographer
Alexis Russell
 | Ring designer and creator