Kelsey and Cab

How We Met

Cab and I met in college about 6.5 years ago! The good ol’ Fraternity lots at the University of South Carolina to be exact! Nothing too special here, except I love saying that we met at a football tailgate lol

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This was a very first picture together! Awful quality, but I love it :)

How They Asked

I’m not really sure where to begin, so I guess I’ll start at the very beginning!

My parents had been planning to come down the weekend of April 5th to pick out their puppy (our dog had puppies with their dog, and they are keeping one – more on that later). That happened to be the weekend of the Cooper River Bridge Run here in Charleston, and I had signed up to run it months ago.. So I persuaded my mom to run it with me! We then told Cab’s mom (Mrs. Rhonda) that she should run walk it with us, and she recruited her sister, Cab’s Aunt Darla!

A little background on Cab’s Mom: she loves being over the top! As soon as I asked her to walk to bridge with us, she was already talking about what our outfits would be. This is totally normal behavior, so I didn’t think anything of it! About two weeks before the race, Mrs. Rhonda texted me that she thought of the best outfit theme for us: CHASING CINDERELLA! Because I’m a people pleaser, I went along with it (even thought I hate when the attention is on me)! So that is the background behind our costumes: Cinderella (me), Fairy God Mother (my mom), Wicked Step Mother (Mrs. Rhonda), and Wicked Step Sister (Aunt Darla).

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So the plan for the day was for the gals to run walk the bridge, and the guys (Cab, my dad, Cab’s dad, and Cab’s uncle) would meet us downtown afterward so we could all get lunch! So fast forward almost three hours and we finally make it to the finish line. We see my dad and he’s waving us over to him. He says the rest of the guys are over by the tree and to head over that way… That’s when we see the sign!

Cab’s dad and uncle were holding a giant sign that read “Chasing Cinderella Finish Line.” Again, I didn’t think anything of it because Mrs. Rhonda had told me that when she signed up she named our team Chasing Cinderella after my blog. Mrs. Rhonda and Aunt Darla were trying to get me to run through the sign by myself and they would “chase” me, but I was like HECK NO and grabbed my mom’s arm and made her run through it with me.. AND THEN IT HAPPENED!

We ran through the sign, and by some miracle, I ran directly into Cab (like I almost trampled him).. AND HE WAS DOWN ON ONE KNEE!! I couldn’t believe it and was so shocked!! Honestly, the thing that shocked me the most wasn’t that he was down on one knee, but that he was wearing a freaking Prince Charming outfit!!! If you know Cab, you know that it’s SO not him! I don’t even think I could pay him to wear that for Halloween LOL. The fact that he was wearing that shirt made the moment that much more special!

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This was the most special day of my entire life! I can’t even describe my feelings! SO HAPPY!! What was even more special is that my mom and dad were equally as surprised! The cab had apparently asked my dad’s permission last summer, but had not let him in on the details of the day! My dad was with him all morning but never asked Cab what was going on LOL.

You can see how many people were around watching us, and someone actually sent my mom some of the pictures she had taken! They are so funny! You can see my mom in the background of some of them and she looks even more surprised than I was! I love them so much, and I love that my parents were just as surprised as I was!

What a special special day, and I’m so so happy Cab put so much thought into it, and made sure my parents were in town for it! Love that boy!

Special Thanks

Tara Leigh
 | Photographer