Kelsey and Brian

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how we met

I was single, a year out of university, and worked with 99% girls. I questioned how I would meet people. With that, I downloaded Tinder, solely for fun. With the lowest expectations, I began to swipe left and right with every guy’s face that came on my screen. Brian’s picture came up and I was immediately drawn to his smile, last name (Huh- I thought it was funny) and that he was wearing a pink tie with his suit (dressing well is a big yes for me). I quickly matched him, and started chatting. We both weren’t looking to be in relationships (or so we said) but we thought we’d see where it would go and I’m so glad we did.

We clicked right away and it happened that he lived two blocks from my condo downtown AND worked across the street from me. I definitely thought it was weird, convenient but maybe meant to be. Our first meet up was two weeks after we matched at the food court by our work on our lunch break. I had never met anyone online before so I was hesitant, but he looked exactly like his photos (good sign), bought my salad and we engaged in small talk over the quick hour. Shortly after that, we went on countless dates that were all so much fun and I felt like I had known him forever already. He was sweet, confident, thoughtful, hilarious and made me laugh and smile with whatever he said. We were similar in so many ways but had our differences, and I knew there was just something about him that stood out from the others.

4 months later, he took me to San Francisco and Napa Valley for my birthday and our first trip went so well. We ended up taking 4 trips that year and realized our shared love for travelling. I knew I had found my forever travel partner along with my best friend. A year in, we moved in together and we began talking about our future together. Who knew my first and only Tinder date meet up would be the one? The rest is history!

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how they asked

Brian and I had been planning our month long Southeast Asia backpacking trip for a year, and the time had finally come! I was so excited. We went to Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and Korea. Brian is Korean, so I was meeting a lot of family members that lived in Seoul that I hadn’t met before. I love his family and couldn’t wait.

Seoul was our last stop on our trip. On the day of the proposal, we were shopping in a market and Brian said I needed a dress for a family dinner we were having that evening. Because I had only packed beach wear for the month, I definitely was in need of a more conservative, formal dress. I thought nothing of it, so I found one along with heels. He said we needed to go back and get ready around 4:00 PM which I found kind of early, but I went along with it. He was planning the trip after all so I trusted him with the scheduling.

I got ready and he took me to the Han River (major river in Seoul) to take some pictures before dinner. He knows I love water so I was happy. I wanted a picture of us together so I asked a bystander that was holding a camera nearby (who I later learned was the photographer that he hired) to take one of us. He agreed and took one. Brian then asked if I wanted a picture by myself in front of the river and I said yes of course (I never say no to pictures). He said “before I do that.. I have something to ask you..” Before I knew it, he was on one knee telling me how much he loved me and asking me to marry him (with the most gorgeous ring ever).

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I was SO surprised and happy! The photographer took pictures of us for two hours around Seoul and I could not stop shaking- I couldn’t believe the day had come- the one I dreamt of since I was a little girl. We did end up having the family dinner afterwards that he talked about and I was was welcomed into his family with loving arms. It was the BEST way to end a life changing trip.

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