Kelsey and Brandon

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How We Met

It all began at The Standard Hotel in Downtown LA on a sunny July Sunday Funday. We had come with the same group of mutual friends who all knew each other from college, but we had never met and didn’t get a chance to speak until a drink (or two!) in. Everything else after that was a blur, as we sat on those infamous waterbeds and talked from the afternoon into the early morning. The connection between us was so strong so fast, and each day just got better from there.

how they asked

3 and a half years later, just before Valentine’s Day, he planned a fun day-trip to go to the new OUE Skyspace LA venue at the very top of the U.S. Bank building in Downtown. I had absolutely no idea, and was mostly just excited for the glass slide at the top! Once we got to take a look at the view, I realized we were looking down at none other than The Standard – where we met. Once he started reminiscing on how long we’ve been together and how strong our bond has always been since that very first day, I realized something must be happening – then he got down on one knee and confirmed my feelings.

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He asked me to marry him and be his wife forever, and of course I said “yes!” through the tears. He had a wonderful photographer friend of ours there to take some of the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen, and then drove us to our friend’s restaurant where he had all of our family and friends waiting (with endless bottles of champagne) for a surprise Engagement Party. It was the absolute best day of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Charles Albii
 | Photographer for our proposal shoot
Maurice Stewart
 | Manager for the restaurant where our surprise Engagement Party was (Great Maple) - set up the entire party for us