Kelsey and Brandon

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How We Met

IT ALL STARTED WITH A CALL…Whenever someone asks us how we met, Brandon and I give each other a knowing look and even bigger smile. Only in romantic comedy movies do you see a relationship develop from calling a number off the side of a truck.

A few summers back, my good friend Kaelyn and I drove to Topsail Beach, North Carolina to go house shopping. On our way back we were jammin’ out to some good ole Christina Aguilera just like any normal girl in their early 20’s would. Jokingly, Kaelyn pointed to the truck next to us and said, “there is your future husband!” While dancing, I looked over and started laughing as I noticed that it was an older man (a much older man than myself that is) driving the truck.

In most cases that’s usually it, right? Both cars drive off and you never see each other again. Well, a little way down the road – the truck passed us again. Kaelyn and I watched the truck turn left at the light and I noticed it was a landscaping truck so, being the spontaneous and fearless girl that I am, I jotted down the number and decided to call. I thought it would be funny if the older man answered!

When the other line picked up, I immediately said, “Is this the cute old man driving the truck?” and instead of chatter, I began to hear laughter in the back. What I had failed to notice before was that there were actually three other men in the car with him.

A few hours went by and I got a message from a random number saying that they apologized for their friends and hope they didn’t startle me too much. Thinking it was the older man, I sent an old man emoji with a leaf in response… it definitely was not the older man but instead a guy about my age (and a pretty darn cute one, if you ask me!).

We began talking over the next few weeks until (finally) this particular guy built up the courage to ask me out on a date. Two years, two apartments, school, a few jobs, and countless unforgettable moments later, this guy has truly become my best friend. Who would have thought a funny circumstance and total coincidence like calling the side of a truck would get us where we are now. I thank the Lord with every passing moment for bringing us together.

As we move forward from the dating life and start the journey down the road of engagement, we anxiously await this next chapter of our lives together. I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else, David Brandon.

You will forever be mine always.

how they asked

One weekend in November, Brandon and I drove from Wilmington, North Carolina to enjoy a nice weekend getaway with my family near Asheville, North Carolina. We also got to watch my youngest brother play in his basketball game for Western Carolina University.

On Sunday afternoon, Brandon had loaded up the car and kept saying we were in a hurry to get home to beat the traffic on I-40. I was confused at first but figured it was for the best to get home sooner rather than later so I wouldn’t have to be up all night doing homework either.

Instead of taking the normal route home, Brandon decided it would be quicker to take the Blue Ridge Highway. This would also give us a more scenic route, he proclaimed. Although, it was foggy, rainy and not much of a scenic route if you ask me. We have this hiking spot we go to each time we visit Asheville called, Water Rock Knob. Brandon looked at me and said, “why don’t we go for a hike?” I honestly thought he was kidding, normally I am the one who comes up with the crazy ideas. Nope, he was serious.

Well after bundling up, we went for a hike! (Let me just add that I was in a rain jacket 4x the size of me, had on double socks that went almost to my knees, hiking boots, and a love your melon hat. I know I was looking extra beautiful ;))

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Once we got to the top, we were sitting there and reflecting on the past couple years of our relationship. It felt like we were on cloud 9. I remember getting up to leave and Brandon grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s just enjoy this for a few more moments before we get back on the road.” I sat back down and suddenly, he got up, on the edge of a cliff (so my heart was already out of my chest) and when he looked at me, I could see that he was beginning to tear up. I said, “is everything ok?” And his immediate response was, “this looks so much easier in movies.” I remember getting all giggling with tears rolling down my face, saying “what looks easier in movies?” Jokingly, he said, “which knee do I get on again?” That’s when I really knew all my dreams were coming true. I could not believe it was happening. On the top of our favorite mountain, it felt like time had stopped all around us.

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He got down on his knee and said the things he cherishes and respects about me the most. He ended it with “I’m gonna be your forever, so baby will you be my wife” from LANCo “The Greatest Love Story” which has always been one of our favorite songs. Only God could have orchestrated something this perfect!

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