Kelsey and Boris


How We Met

Boris and I met during our Senior year of college while on Spring Break in Panama City, Florida. My friend Miranda, whom I had known since high school had managed to convince me and a few of my sorority sisters to come to the sunshine state, agreeing to merge our groups for a week full of fun in the sun. Little did I know at the time, but she would soon be introducing me to the love of my life!

Boris and I were introduced upon arriving to Florida, and instantly got along. He was outgoing, had a great sense of humor, and was quite the gentleman. Overall, we had a great week together with our friends, and decided to exchange contact information before heading back to school. At that time,  I honestly never anticipated seeing him again, as he was currently finishing his studies at VMI, and planned to commission into the Air Force upon graduating.

To my surprise, upon returning back to George Mason University, I quickly found out that Boris had went to high school with my roommate, and was originally from the area. During the months following Spring Break, Boris reached out to me to advise he was in my area for the weekend and would love to get together and catch up. Being curious, I agreed to allow him to meet my friend and I for dinner and drinks, and it was obvious to see that we still had chemistry. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an ideal time for either of us to consider pursuing a relationship, and allowed the opportunity to pass.

After graduation, I decided to return home to Virginia Beach to start my career. To my surprise, I received notification that Boris had decided to take a job in Newport News following graduation, rather than commissioning into the military. I immediately reached out to him, letting him know that he had moved to my hometown, feeling oddly excited by the news. After several weeks of texting back a forth, he was able to persuade me to go out to dinner and catch up. Looking back now, I am so happy that I agreed to that date with him, for it was the last first date I would have for the rest of my life.

how they asked

After a busy past few months at work, I started hinting to Boris that we were far overdue for a little escape from reality to spend some quality time together. Never failing to amaze me, Boris surprised me by coordinating a long weekend trip to Charleston, SC with one our favorite couples. I couldn’t wait to enjoy the many pleasures of the south; also known as comfort food, sweet tea, and of course the undeniable southern charm of this little town.

Finding out we were going to South Carolina immediately brought back a feeling of nostalgia, as Boris had previously taken me to Charleston for our first trip as a couple almost 3 years ago. It was out of character for Boris to coordinate an entire trip for us, as I am typically the designated planner in our relationship. At the time, however, I never could’ve imagined that he possibly had a bigger plan in mind for me that weekend.

Upon arriving to Charleston, we realized that we should take advantage of the sunny weather since the forecast was calling for rain the remainder of the weekend. One of our goals during our visit was to return to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens to finish our tour of the property, and show our friends why we fell in love with Charleston during our initial visit. During the remainder of the car ride, we all decided to check into the hotel, allow us ladies to freshen-up, and head to the plantations for the remainder of the afternoon.

When we arrived to the gardens, Boris recommended that we head towards the historical plantation house, since we hadn’t explored that side of the property during our past visit. As we headed down a path behind the plantation house, our friend Tyler randomly exclaimed that he needed to use the restroom at that very moment. I found this strange, considering we had just left the hotel not even a half hour ago. He urged Boris and I to continue ahead down the path, letting us know that him and his wife, Bitsy would catch up with us soon.

As Boris and I continued down the path together, I suddenly felt the mood around us shift. Boris started rambling about how beautiful the Spanish Moss, Azaleas, and overall view was. While I couldn’t help but agree, I found myself reading into every word he said. Eventually, Boris slowly came to a stop, turning his face to meet mine. At this point, all I could hear was my heart beating in my ears. With my eyes locked on his, I managed to quietly listen as he talked about fate, the memories we had shared, and how he couldn’t imagine going through life without me.

In that very moment, I watched as Boris slowly dropped to one knee, standing paralyzed as he asked me to spend forever by his side. With tears streaming down my face, I watched as he revealed a small box holding my dream ring. Without hesitation, I eagerly agreed to go from Ms. to Mrs!

As if I wasn’t surprised enough for one afternoon, out jumped a hidden photographer that Boris had hired to capture the entire proposal, followed by my childhood best friend who had helped him coordinate the entire day! Come to find out, my now fiance had coordinated this day with everyone present, including my family back home, who was anxiously awaiting the good news.

After taking a few moments to gather myself, our photographer was sweet enough to capture a few additional engagement photos around the property. As reality started to sink in, I began to realize how lucky I was to be engaged to my best friend, and my biggest supporter. Charleston will now forever hold a special place in our hearts, and will always have a little extra “charm.”





Special Thanks

Charles Merry