Kelsey and Blake

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How We Met


Kelsey moved to Phoenix, AZ in June of 2016, and discovered her previous Pastor, Mark Driscoll, from Washington was opening a church in Scottsdale. She begun attending the church regularly, and joined a Small Group in January of 2017.

Blake grew up in Bullhead, AZ but had moved to Phoenix area in March of 2017. He had been following Pastor Mark Driscoll online for years, and was happy to hear that he had opened a church in Scottsdale. Blake checked out the church his first weekend after moving to Phoenix, and reached out to someone about joining a Small Group.

The day we met:

On April 27th, 2017 Kelsey had two close friends in town, Shelb & Jessareh. Kelsey and her sister, Shelby, had Small group that evening and had Shelb and Jessareh join them. As they walked into the group, Kelsey noticed a very handsome guy who she’d never seen before. The small group leader introduced this guy, Blake, and small group continued as usual.

However, it wasn’t until group finished up that Kelsey and Blake got a chance to talk, and there was obvious mutual interest. Kelsey’s friends and sister could see, from afar, that Kelsey was very interested in Blake as she talked with him, and planned to have Shelb be a wingman and get Blake to hang out with them after group.

After Blake and Kelsey finished talking, Shelb stepped in and did some “bro talk” with Blake, and then Kelsey’s sister invited Blake to get FroYo with all of them.

When Blake pulled up to FroYo in a truck, Kelsey knew she was hooked. They all had fun conversations over FroYo and even though Blake had to get up at 3am the next morning for work, he stayed out until past 10pm talking with all of them.

how they asked

Blake had been talking about wanting to do a picnic for a couple weeks, so he said after work on Friday we were going to go have one. He kept saying he “knew a spot” so Kelsey went along with it.

When we got to the park Blake set up the blanket, and pulled out a beer. His hands were shaking but Kelsey didn’t even notice. As a picnic should go, Kelsey started talking about her day and telling stories about her Kindergarten students, but Blake seemed distracted. They shared some chocolate covered strawberries and then Blake asked Kelsey to bless the food. Kelsey prayed over the food and thanked God for the date night they were enjoying. The second Kelsey finished prayed Blake jumped up and asked Kelsey to stand. Confused, Kelsey stood up and questioned his motives. Blake then started telling Kelsey how much she meant to him, how he loved her with all his heart and how he planned on loving her for the rest of his life. Holding Kelsey’s hands, Blake got down on one knee, pulled a box from his pocket, and asked Kelsey to marry him. Kelsey said “Of course I will!!”

After a few moments on embracing and admiring the huge rock on her finger, Blake pointed Kelsey towards some bushes. From these bushes popped up her two best friends from California, and her sister. Kelsey was beyond shocked that they had been there the whole time! Not only had they been in the bushes hiding, but they had placed a camera in a bush closer to Blake and Kelsey and had recorded the whole “picnic”!

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After many photos and excitement, they all left the park and headed to Kelsey’s parents house. To Kelsey’s surprise, as they pulled up she not only saw her family, but Blake’s whole family, close family friends, and her closest coworker. The rest of the night was filled with laughter, excitement, phone calls and texts, and celebration!!

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Special Thanks

Hannah & Nicole
 | Photos/Surprise
Seydell Family
 | Planning
Tuberg Family
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