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How We Met

Blake was born and raised in Houston, TX, while I (Kelsey) was born and raised in San Jose, CA. Growing up 1,500 miles apart, there is no doubt that our meeting was nothing less than God’s work at hand. In California, I worked as a personal trainer and wrote for my own fitness/nutrition blog. Blake came across my fitness Instagram page and discovered we had many things in common: fitness, motocross, and a strong faith. On Valentine’s Day in 2015, Blake shared a photo on Instagram from the Super-cross race that he was attending in Dallas, TX. Little did he know that this photo would change the rest of his life. Being a Super-cross fan myself, I saw Blake’s picture and commented on it. Later that evening, Blake decided to privately message me. The message read: “Let me get this straight.. You workout, ride dirt bikes, and love Jesus?! Are you still accepting applications for your Valentine?” Lucky for him, I was totally impressed by his smooth talk.

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From there, we continued to talk via Facebook and texting, which soon turned into long phone calls and FaceTime conversations. In April 2015, Blake and one of his long-time friends road tripped from Texas to California to meet me. I couldn’t believe this Texas boy was driving across country for me! Our first date included working out, Chipotle, and dirt bike riding (some of our favorite things). Our short weekend together was better than any other dates I had been on, but we weren’t sure where to go from there. Incredibly enough, one of Blake’s best friends landed a job in my home town a month later.

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Once again, Blake road tripped up to California, allowing us to spend more time together! At that point, we knew this was a relationship we wanted to pursue, so it was time for me to visit Texas. We embarked on a week long road trip from Houston to Dallas to Austin, and everywhere in between. It was one of the best weeks of my life! From there, trips between Texas and California became more frequent, including when Blake asked me to be his girlfriend on my favorite beach spot in September 2015. After months of long-distance dating, I moved to Texas in October 2015. Fast forward 11 months later when Blake popped the question! Read our proposal story below!

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how they asked

In September 2016, Blake, myself, and many of our friends vacationed in Lake Tahoe, CA. This is easily one of mine and Blake’s favorite places on earth. (You should go ASAP.) Weeks before the trip, Blake mentioned that he wanted to take nice photos on the beach with his professional camera. As an early Christmas gift, he was going to have a photo printed on a large canvas for my apartment. I was all for the idea! One of Blake’s best friends and his girlfriend said they wanted to get in on the fun, too. So, the day we made it to Tahoe (finally), Blake, myself, and our two friends scouted out a pretty beach that would make for the perfect sunset background.

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Blake started by taking photos of the other couple. Blake told the girlfriend to turn her back to her boyfriend, while he ran up behind her, tickled her, hugged her, and ultimately captured a ridiculously adorable photo. Since Blake has photography experience, I didn’t think anything of it. It seemed like a pretty legit idea to me! When it was our turn for photos, Blake told me that we were going to stage the same photo. So, I turned around and waited anxiously for him grab me from behind and tickle me. I swear I was twitching as I anticipated him coming up behind me. Several seconds passed.. I was about one second away from turning around to see what was taking so long when I heard, “hey, can you turn around?” I turned and there he was on one knee. I swear my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. I was in complete shock. It’s one thing to imagine that special moment, but when it actually happens, nothing prepares you for the feelings that flow through your body.

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Blake told me when we first started dating that he made a promise to himself years ago. He wanted to wait until the day he proposed to his future wife to say “I love you” for the first time. While I wasn’t sure I could wait until (or if) that day came, I respected his wishes and his intentions behind it. So, as he was knelled down in front of me, he continued to say, “there is something I have been wanting to tell you for a long time..

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I love you! Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” Again, my heart froze and those words meant more than I could have imagined.

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After the proposal, he gave me a two-page, handwritten letter. We sat on the beach and read it together. I’m telling you, those moments and memories still feel so surreal. I will treasure them for the rest of my life!

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