Kelsey and Austin

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How We Met

Austin and I met my first month of college at Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, Oklahoma. Austin was a sophomore at the time, and we both were majoring in biology. We met through our school’s service club for health professionals. I was late to the initial meeting and the only empty seat happened to be next to Austin. After the club meeting that same evening, I ran into Austin on my way to the library to study and he stopped me! He asked me if I’d like to study with him and that it’d help him prepare to take to MCAT (which I later learned was just an excuse to get to know me). We began studying together and quickly fell for each other. I knew right away this guy was special, and that’s I’d marry him someday.

how they asked

A group of our friends and us went to The Escape OKC. I was excited to try and get out of the room within the hour. I had zero idea a proposal was coming. We get to the final part of the Escape room and there’s a large cage that’s locked and a small safe locked with a chain inside of the cage. I unlock the cage and go inside. Someone tossed me the key to open the safe. I open it and there’s a sauce packet from Taco Bell that says “Marry me!”. (About two years ago, Austin jokingly asked if I’d be happy if he proposed at Taco Bell).

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It all happened so fast, I still didn’t realize what was going on. I picked up the sauce packet and said “it says marry me.” I turned back and Austin was on one knee holding the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and asked me if I would marry him. After the initial shock and I stopped crying, I said “YES!”. We made it out of the escape room with time to spare, too!! We were fortunate to have photographers as friends who captured our special moment. Austin brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and we spent the evening with friends and family!

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