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How We Met

Where do I even begin? We were friends in high school but never really connected until much later in both of our lives. We became best friends during his last deployment in the Marines and I was in dental hygiene school. I don’t think either of us ever imagined we would end up engaged 2 years later. Every day of the past 2 years have been magical and an adventure. He’s remained my best friend every step of the way. Since we met, started dating, and moved in together, I’ve graduated college and gotten my first full time job. Asa, finished his time in the Marine Corps, began a full time job, and enrolled in college again. He always encourages me to be the best that I can be and I couldn’t imagine life without him!

Kelsey and Asa's Engagement in Millennium Park, Chicago

Where to Propose in Millennium Park, Chicago

how they asked

This part…is the biggest surprise of all! Asa turned 25 on May 18th and I wanted to do something really special for him! So around the middle of April I started planning. I decided on a weekend trip to Chicago. At first I thought about asking a few of our friends to come with us but decided it would be more romantic if it was just the two of us! After a couple weeks of planning with his uncle that lives in Chicago, I booked a hotel room and Amtrak tickets; I must admit I felt really proud of myself for pulling the whole thing off. Naturally, I told all of my friends about how excited I was to surprise him and wanted their input on what we should do while we were there. As the day of the trip came closer and closer, I became more and more anxious, I love surprises and surprising people and I didn’t think that I could hold it in any longer! For a while I thought that he knew that I had something planned for him so I tried to throw him off by telling him my plans had fell through and that I wasn’t sure what we were doing. The day of Asa’s birthday I asked two of our friends to take him out to dinner so I could have the house to myself to pack our clothes and buy last minute snacks and drinks for the Amtrak. I felt so guilty because Asa was irritated that his friends “practically invited themselves over”. I wanted to tell him that they were doing it for me but I held out! When he came home from dinner I had a banner hanging up and streamers saying that we were going to Chicago, he was so surprised! I told him that I was bummed that his uncle wouldn’t be there but that he had helped me plan the whole trip! Asa hugged me and told me that it was the best birthday surprise he had ever gotten and that he couldn’t wait to spend this weekend with me! What I had no idea was that the greatest surprise was yet to come… …So now we’re in Chicago, it’s pouring rain and 50 degrees! Of course I had only brought summertime clothes and was practically in tears the first evening we were there and part of the next afternoon. Asa told me while we were there that he really wanted to go visit The Bean but he was debating on if he wanted to do it Saturday evening or Sunday morning before we left. We had brought really nice dress clothes for our dinner reservations Saturday evening so I told him we could go then if it wasn’t raining. I had this amazing black dress picked out and was SO excited to show him. He LOVED it! He told me right then that he wanted to go to The Bean that night and take pictures. We had an amazing dinner at STK Chicago and then hopped in a cab and headed to Millennium Park. Asa was frustrated once he saw how many people were posing for pictures and how dark it was, so me being the problem solver that I am began to look around for another background. The building behind us was lit up so I told him we could just pose in front of that! We took our first picture and Asa practically sprinted over to the girl taking the picture demanding to see how it looked. Which I thought was weird but he knows how particular I am about my pictures so I thought it was nice. After a few pictures he looked at me and said, “I just wanted one other thing for my birthday.” All I could think was, “I brought you to Chicago..what did I miss that you would’ve wanted?” I nodded and asked him what he wanted. He smiled his truly perfect ornery smile that I fell in love with and said, “I want my best friend to marry me.” And just like that…he was down on one knee. I didn’t realize it at the time but he told me he was so nervous that he put his hand in the wrong pocket when he was looking for the ring. I was literally in shock for a good few hours. I couldn’t decide who I wanted to call and FaceTime first! But what had me the most surprised was…how did he have the ring with him if he didn’t know we were going to Chicago until the night before? To my surprise, he’d known about the trip from the time I had first started planning it! He had told one of my girl friends that he wanted to propose to me on his birthday but that he needed to know where I was taking him and what I was planning on doing so that he could plan. He had even told his uncle (who I thought was helping me with surprising him!) and hired a professional photographer! Unfortunately, the professional photographer fell through but we still got some amazing pictures! I truly couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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