Kelsey and Anthony

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How We Met

In highschool Anthony Ray Pesina was the first guy I locked eyes on my freshman year. He was a junior at the time so I was too shy to talk to him. I always wondered what it would be like to date him. He was a well known Student Athlete-Popular and everyone wanted to be around him. I was a freshman with braces, shy, and didn’t think i had a chance. Believe it or not our years in highschool never brought us together or even talk for that matter. Who knew that later on though when I was 20 & him being 22 that I would received a DM on Twitter from Anthony stating “You are so dang gorgeous that smile is something else.” I was so shocked & kept refreshing my phone because I couldn’t believe it! It seemed so serial. I messaged him back saying “Thank you so much! I appreciate the compliment…I’m at work so can I message you after?”

After my shift from work, i noticed my phone died. My sister & I worked at the same place together so she had asked me to go to this house party. I’ve never been the party type so this was going to be my first. I told her I wanted to get home but never told her the reason why. She kept asking because she wanted me to expirecing my first party with her…so I went.

As soon as i walked in & looked over to my left there he was. Anthony Ray Pesina. My high school crush before my eyes. I remember us both staring at each other & everything else around me was so still. He came up to me & we talked the whole night. After that things just flowed naturally. We loved the city so all of our dates were all around Central Austin. A specific place Anthony & i would go to a place that showed the best view of Downtown Austin. Also known as “Our Hill” that’s what Anthony called it. Within a year we moved in together, got a dog name Koda, & on December 17th my dream of “I wonder what it would be like to be with Anthony?” became true!!!

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how they asked

Anthony planned the whole thing!!! It was a fake photoshoot & minutes later turned into the perfect proposal in Downtown Austin! One day Anthony’s friend Levi sent a group text saying “I won a free photoshoot on Facebook & want yall’s guys to be in it. Kelsey & Anthony pick a few friends or whoever y’all want to be apart of the shoot…”

So we did. Anthony & I are very family oriented so of course he picked his brother & some close friends of his. & I picked my sissy, brother & a couple girlfriends. Levi had asked for Anthony’s opinion saying “What all should we wear..ask Kelsey?” So I said “It would be cute if we could all color coordinate like blue jeans, black & white tops. A classy look.” Anthony told Levi & he agreed to the idea. & then was messaging Levi saying “Let’s do what she said…whatever Kelsey wants…the proposal has to be perfect!!!” I still had no clue what was going on & was thinking in my head this photoshoot will be fun! Unknowingly realizing it was a proposal.

The day was finally here, December 17,2016. Anthony Ray Pesina had everything planned perfectly. A photographer, our close friends & family, the view of “Our Hill” to take photos & the gorgeous vintage cut diamond ring. The photographer asked a group photo of all the girls together facing the view of Austin & then on the count of 3 to turn around gracefully. Thats when Anthony was planning to get on one knee & pop the question. I remember the photographer saying 3 & as soon as I turned around it brought me back to the party of the day we met. He was on one knee and everything was still! I looked right at him & he looked right at me & said “Kelsey Jordan Salas will you marry me?” I couldn’t believe it!

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I couldn’t catch my breath! I told him YES!!! I remember saying over & over again “this feels like a dream!” & Anthony put the ring on my finger saying “It’s real kelsey Jae, I love you baby..SHE SAID YES!!!!” When Anthony & I got in his car to head to my family’s house for a proposal dinner it hit me all at once. I cried, I laughed, i couldn’t stop smiling…& then I looked over & told him “it’s real…I can’t wait to marry you! I love you Anthony Ray…”

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Special Thanks

Levi Maxwell
 | Planning
Gavin Salas
 | Planning
Alissa Salas
 | Planning