Kelsey and Andy

Kelsey and Andy's Engagement in Positano, Italy

How We Met

Andy and I met when just 2 days after I turned 19 and it was an immediate connection. I also met all his best friends the same weekend and they were under the impression we had already been dating and known each other for some time. There was a big football game in Texas and I was just in town visiting along with all his lifelong friends.

Andy never asked for my number that weekend but I ran into him randomly in Colorado on a ski trip over Christmas break! We were surprised to see each other and I introduced him to my mom on the sidewalk of a crowded street after we legit bumped into each other. We kept seeing each other around that weekend and when we got back to school in January and reached out and took my on our first date. We have been together every day since! Over 7 years later

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Positano, Italy

How They Asked

We had some miles we needed to burn off for work travel and booked a last minute trip to London for a much needed week off work and some reset time. We’ve been to London for the past few years and had some time to try somewhere new during the week.

I was set on Greece but Andy kept suggesting Italy and it was too beautiful to pass up.

We arrived in Italy and had a great first dinner on the beach. The next morning we woke up and shared a cocktail by the pool before we got on a private boat for a tour of the Almafi Coast. It was raining but still so beautiful!!! We jumped in the clear blue water and when we were about to pull up, andy suggested I put on my dress so we could hop of the boat quickly. As we pulled closer to the dock our boat driver cut the engine to take a picture of us and the rest is in the pics! I said ‘of course’.

The waters were were a little rocky so andy proposed on both knees ? so perfect for our relationship. We got engaged on my grandparents 50th anniversary who are no longer with us. They were a huge part of my life and it felt like we had them there with us.

I was so excited to tell all my family and friends and andy told me he called all my best friends and every member of my family individually to let them in on the plan before we left. It was so thoughtful and it made everyone in my life feel as special and loved as I do.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Positano, Italy