Kelsey and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met in college.  We were good friends who both loved baseball but nothing more.  We both started going to the same church after we graduated, and people were constantly trying to set us up.  Andrew actively resisted and I told myself over and over that it would never happen. We continued to be baseball buddies and ignored the persisting matchmakers all around us. Then, we both go on a trip to Honduras with our church and things finally click. Well, for Andrew anyways. We spent the entire trip together, laughing and joking and enduring 100 percent humidity.  The night after we get back, we spent the entire day together and Andrew asked me if I’d like to go on a date. I replied with a shocked, “You and Me?!?” and then eagerly agreed because I knew things had finally changed.

Our first date was foot golf (think the soccer version of frisbee golf). Given the fact that I’ve played soccer my whole life, this was genius on Andrew’s part. I crushed him. From then on, the games continued. Board games, beach games, backyard games—you name it. We’ve fallen in love over our mutual thirst for competition and our desire to beat anyone we come in contact with.  Andrew wins most of the time but I love the endless pursuit of possible victory.

We both love baseball and any sport involving team USA, traveling, biking, coffee, new restaurants, and dogs. We both hate mayonnaise, empty schedules, the LA Dodgers, and cats. Especially cats. He makes me better in every way with his heart for justice, his commitment to the people he loves, and his desire to live life to the absolute fullest. And I pride myself on making his life a little more spontaneous and full of a lot more donuts.

how they asked

Traveling together is one of our deepest passions. We both love exploring new cities and set out on an adventure in a new part of the world. Andrew has been all over Europe but I have not.

So, on a trip to London to visit his sister studying abroad, I jumped at the opportunity to go to Paris. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to Paris?!

I started planning the trip. I told him all the reasons why we should jaunt over to the most romantic city (baguettes and cheese and strolling around the Eiffel Tower) and it truly felt like I was bending his arm to do this with me.

Little did I know, he was scheming his own plans to get me to Paris for much more important things. So we’re finally in London and have our tickets to Paris but to my knowledge, we have nothing truly planned. Andrew suggests a boat ride down the river and makes me run to catch the sunset river cruise.  We go up and down the river laughing and joking at the silly tourists taking ridiculous selfies while simultaneously taking in all the amazing pieces of Paris. We finally pull up to the dock and I say, “We should probably go up the Eiffel Tower… seems like the next logical step.” However, Andrew convinces me to, instead, go on a hunt for the bridge in the movie Inception because he knows that I would much rather explore a bridge than follow every other tourist to the top of the Eiffel Tower just to see more ridiculous selfies.

As we walk to the bridge, Andrew turns serious and starts reminding me all the reasons he loves me. He explains how perfect we are for each other because we make a great team. He tells me how he can’t imagine life apart and he would be silly to not ask me to marry him.  All the while, I am completely clueless and hold his hand with my head on his chest not knowing exactly what was happening.

Since I’m still pressing into him, I made it very difficult for him to get to the ring he has hidden in his coat pocket, but somehow he manages to pull out a small box and get down on one knee.  Completely shocked and bewildered, I am beyond speechless. I know what you all are thinking, “How did you not see this coming?!” But I legitimately had no clue what this guy had up his sleeve.

He continues to kneel and I continue to be dumbfounded until I finally muster up a soft and teary “Yes.” My heart is literally bursting at this point and I’m completely out-of-this-world ecstatic. Andrew kisses me deeply and holds me tight. In that single moment, I completely forget where we are and have no awareness of anyone around us. There are no words to truly describe the overwhelming feeling of someone loving you so much that he goes through such elaborate measures just to put a ring on your finger.  I finally pull away and look at his face. I’ll never forget the ginormous smile he had, so happy he successfully pulled off the best surprise of all time.

I finally look all around the bridge and spot a familiar face in a hooded sweatshirt behind a camera. Absolutely still shocked this is all happening, I can’t even believe our good friend Garrett is somehow on this random bridge in Paris at the same time we are. Gare continues to snap pictures and I continue to be amazed at how truly dreamy this all is.

Andrew is my best friend and the sweetest, most thoughtful man I’ve ever met. He surprises me with flowers after work, dark chocolate when I need it most, and a proposal in Paris when I least expect it. And he loves me better than I could have ever dreamt. I knew that God would send me the man of my dreams one day, but I had no idea what was in store. Andrew is more than my dreams could ever have imagined.

I’ve only spent about 48 hours in Paris, but I think that bridge will forever be my favorite place on this planet.

Special Thanks

Garrett Richardson