Kelsea and Michael

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how they asked

My best friend and soulmate asked me to marry him during a breathtaking sunset in front of Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. This caught me completely off guard and took my breath away! Michael and I planned to take professional photos in front of Bell Rock because I wanted this to be a trip we would never forget. I assumed I was forcing this corny activity on him but little did I know he had been emailing the photographer weeks prior to leaving for Arizona. As we hiked to the monument for our photos the photographer, Monica Saaty, asked us about our relationship and how we met. I honestly thought nothing of it and just assumed she was getting to know us. Little did I know she was painting a beautiful picture of our relationship. We laughed about how we met in a bar and about how we were both not looking for love but how love found us. In fact when I met my fiancé I was planning to move out of state. All my plans quickly changed when I met Michael. As we positioned in front of Bell Rock right as the sunset behind the canyons the photographer asked if we had brought any props.

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This was confusing to me as we had never discussed props before when we changed emails. Michael “jokingly” stated, “we could stage a proposal for your mom.” I turned to the photographer to explain why he would say such a ridiculous comment (my mother has been waiting for this possibly longer than I have). When I turned back around Michael was down on one knee with ring in hand and stated, “or I could really propose.”


In that moment everything stopped and quite honestly I don’t even recall him getting down on one knee though the picture would tell me otherwise. I was so incredibly happy the photographer stated that the smile never left my face following that moment. I believe I am the luckiest girl in the world and I cannot wait to marry my best friend.

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Special Thanks

Monica Saaty
 | Photographer