Kelsea and Edrick

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How We Met

We actually met at a Bible study. Both me and my fiancé were19 at the time. I was involved in a youth bible study group and he was invited that night. He was actually invited by his cousin (who is his Best Man) after he revealed that his dog had just run away and was so distraught. His cousin thought that going to Bible Study and being around other people would be good for him. On my end, I actually went to this Bible study every Friday. But one thing to note (albeit a silly thing) about this particular one was that I actually chose not to wear any makeup. Now I was never obsessed with wearing it (though I AM a Makeup Artist now) but I did rock the eyeliner and mascara back in the day, and on that particular day, I thought not.

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The funniest thing about our meeting that night was just that. I went around and met all of the different new people. I introduced myself to him, we shook hands and then he moved on and that. was. it. He didn’t even talk to me! I saw him making small talk with just about everyone else EXCEPT me! We even took a picture that night, he was standing right next to me, and still didn’t notice me at all. To this day we still talk about that. How he just didn’t talk to me haha! He stands behind the defense of him being “shy” that night when really I think I just wasn’t even on his radar. To be fair, the only thing I noticed about him was that he wasn’t talking to me, and that was it.

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how they asked

There are definitely two different ways to tell this story. My version of events that I believed was to transpire, and HIS version, filled with the planning, scheming, and ultimately the best surprise ever.

Here’s my version, which will tell you how he was able to surprise me! It all started a few years ago, a few weeks ago, a few days ago….before he popped the question…

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Years before: Early into our relationship, our good friend (who is a Photographer) asked me, my betrothed, and 2 of our couple friends to do a “Couples-themed” photoshoot for her portfolio. All we had to do was pick a place and show up! We, of course, took the lead on the location and chose one of our beloved spots, “Peanut Lake”. These were the first professional photos we had ever taken, and they were beyond anything we could’ve hoped for!

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Weeks before: Fast forward to 5-6 years later, our friend, the same Photographer friend, reached out to me and said she was updating her portfolio and wanted to update/recreate the photo shoot we did before. Meaning we’d head back to Peanut Lake. Her and I, (mostly her), made all of the arrangements, she coordinated our schedules, took some of the creative direction and then left us to our own devices. Meanwhile, he would check-in with me on timing, wardrobe, etc but beyond that, he left the planning to us.

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The day before: It’s the night before our shoot date…and not only is it raining, but one of our couple friends had experienced something so life-shattering that we simply couldn’t fathom smiling for cameras at such a trying time. At that moment we both knew that we wanted to reschedule. I basically told him to contact our friend to figure out the logistics, reschedule soon, and have him deal with it since I didn’t feel right focusing on anything except our friends. So he takes the reins from that point on, so now I am checking in with Him.

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