KellyRose and Andy

How we met

KellyRose: Actually, we are alumni from the same high school. We were even on the badminton team together. Although, i don’t remember meeting him in high school because we are 2 years apart. I was in varsity, and he was in junior varsity. Fast forward a couple of years after graduating, we ended up working together at a badminton gym. Little did i know he would become my fiancé years afterwards. I put him in the friend zone real quick because of the age difference even though we exchanged some witty banter, and enjoyed each other’s company. At this time, Andy competed at a higher level in badminton than myself. I asked him every Friday afternoon to rally and help me with my shots. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for him to fall in love with my quirky personality..of course! I was hesitant, but he was persistent. His charm melted my heart, and so began our love story from there.

Andy: We first met each other in High School during badminton practice and we would greet each other whenever we pass by. She was in Varsity while I was in Junior Varsity, so I would watch some of her games because I thought she was good since she was #1. She was a very mean and competitive person, so don’t mess with her. After High School, we met each other again where we both worked together at a badminton club. After work we would hang out to go eat and do other activities. As time pass, we started to become closer and that’s when I liked her and felt attached. We had this bond where I knew we both liked each other. Unfortunately, she did not like me and I felt like I was friend zoned. Although I still have feelings for her, I did not give up and I’m not a person that gives up easily. I became persistent and kept trying until one day she started to have feelings for me. SCORE! Hard work and persistency pays off. Afterwards, we started to go on dates and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend.

how they asked

KellyRose: 7.5 years later and all of a sudden he wanted to celebrate a half anniversary. Suspicious! Of course we celebrated anniversaries, and we had occasional date nights on our monthsaries..but this particular date felt different than our usual. He lets me know our reservation time, and instructs me to wear a black dress. Now i’m even more suspicious! The night of our dinner he picks me up, and he’s got a fresh new haircut along with a brand new dress shirt. I ask him “okay, whats going on?!”, and he casually brushes off my question. The restaurant had an amazing view which we fully enjoyed sitting outside. Right when we sat down, the couple ahead of us walk down the balcony we were dining on, and the guy proposes to his now fiancé. I’m thinking alright guess it’s not my night. No way was there going to be TWO proposals for the restaurant in one night. What are the odds? So I start relaxing, and my nerves escape me.

We’re both foodies. Food was okay, and then all of a sudden bees decide to start attacking my food! Romantic, right? I am irritated and annoyed at this point. I ask Andy to either finish the rest of my dinner or box it up so we could leave. Instead, he orders dessert which he never does! I love sweets, not him the meateater. Dinner was a bust, and I was ready to go home. I go to the bathroom, and upon returning he blindfolds me. I think nothing of it. He loves surprises, and he’s done this in the past for a surprise birthday. I was thinking he had a surprise present ready. I feel him guiding us to a different part of the restaurant. He takes the blindfold off, and the first thing I see is “A&K” in lights which I didn’t fully process right away because I thought he had taken us to another restaurant or bar. So i’m thinking we are eating again until music starts playing, and it dawns on me. I slowly started to realize what’s going on.

I may have been in shock for a good couple minutes, and the emotions start overflowing. I start crying a river like no other. It was so beautiful, so romantic. We danced, he prepared a speech and of course.. I said YES! Or more like i was so speechless I nodded my head yes!! As if I wasn’t already crying my face off, our family and close friends start running out cheering. By far, best night of my life!

Andy: I proposed on our 7.5 years together, and I wanted to make a very special proposal just for her. I picked her up, and drove to The Grandview Restaurant in Mount Hamilton. When I picked her up she asked me why I was dressed so nice. I hesitated and nervously told her that’s how I normally dress, plus it’s our 7.5 years together. As we had our dinner outside the restaurant, she was a bit irritated with a couple of bees flying around us. She wanted to leave early, and in my head I thought my whole plan was ruined. However, I found a way to stall for an hour before we leave to the cottage right next door. After I finished my steak I couldn’t think of any other ideas then to eat her leftovers! I was already full eating my steak, so I slowly finished her leftover salmon. Shortly after, my stomach felt like it was about to explode and I had to loosen my belt. We ordered dessert, and I went to the bathroom just in time to get mic’ed up before paying the bill. I told her I had a surprise for her, so I put a blind fold over her head and walked her to the cottage. My heart was beating so fast and my hands were shaking (maybe because it was cold) walking her outside the patio to the cottage. I took off her blind fold and walked her to the center where there were candles and flowers surrounding us. The musician played our song “Nothing’s Going to Stop Us Now” by Starship, and I danced with her until the song ended.

Then I showed her an album where each year had a picture of us with a significant meaning. On the last page, it showed “2016?” with no picture of us. I was more nervous. I couldn’t think of much to say than to tell her we don’t have one yet, and if she can help me fulfill this highlight. I got down on one knee thinking this is the moment, and asked her to marry me. She said “yes!” Quickly, my stress and nervousness was relieved. So I went inside the cottage to bring out all our friends and family to celebrate this special moment with champagne.

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