Kellye and Grant | Engaged at Briscoe Manor

Image 1 of Kellye and Grant | Engaged at Briscoe ManorIt all started off like a typical day in the office. Running back and forth, delivering reports, sending invoices, and preparing for hearings. The only difference was that I was planning to leave early to go to go to my friend’s company party since her husband was out of town. Little did I know that my day would not end with networking but rather a proposal better than I could have ever dreamed.

I have had my dream wedding venue picked out for years now, Briscoe Manor in Richmond, TX right outside of my hometown of Houston. It has everything I could ever ask for; a perfect Bridal Suite, a great “man cave” for the groom and his guys, a lakeside venue, beautiful green hills and flowers, with just the perfect touch of Texas charm thrown in. All I needed was the groom!

Luckily, about a year ago, I was introduced to Grant by a coworker of mine with whom he’d gone to high school. Well, as it turned out, he was also my boss’s son. We became friends instantly and realized that we had gone to the same college and even had mutual friends, but our paths never crossed. For a while, I sort of kept him at a distance since I wasn’t too sure how my boss would feel. As our friendship grew, the attraction was undeniable. When we finally told Grant’s parents that we were dating they were thrilled and very supportive. Sure some lines were now blurred at the office, but his they welcomed me with open arms.

We said “I love you” pretty early on in the relationship, probably about two months in. Our feelings are that when it feels right, that’s probably because it is right. So, Grant and I had of course discussed marriage and things off and on, and since we are in our mid-twenties we have, of course, attended our fair share of weddings. I also interned with an event planner in college so I already knew what I did and did not like. (I have a Pinterest board for almost every little detail imaginable… I’m obsessed!)

I used to bother Grant all the time that I was the last of my friends and all of them were already married. He told me I’d just have to wait, especially since we were planning a trip with his family this summer to Greece and Italy. It just wasn’t in the cards right now, and I was slowly beginning to accept it. But that didn’t stop me from constantly sending him pictures from my radio anytime “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé came on my iPod, and always finding ways to work “Well, Beyoncé says if you like then you should put a ring on it” into our conversations.

On the day of the proposal (which also happened to be April Fool’s), my friend, Cassie, picked me up from my office and we drove through Houston out into the suburbs (because apparently the party was at someone’s house) and I never thought twice about it. When we finally turned onto a long country road I started to think, “Where in the world does this person live?” It wasn’t until we turned into Briscoe’s gates that I started to suspect something.

I remember turning to Cassie and saying, “You know this is where I want to get married?” to which she replied, “Oh, that’s cool.” As we drove down the long winding driveway to the main building I saw in the corner of my eye a man standing by the lake in a blue sport coat and jeans. That’s when I knew I’d been tricked! My eyes filled with tears immediately as we got closer and Cassie parked the car. I got out and on shaking legs walked to the man of my dreams.

That walk seemed to take forever, but when I finally reached him he gave me the biggest hug and kiss. He said, “I know this is sooner than you expected, but I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life making you the happiest girl in the world and loving you with all of my heart. You’re my best friend, Kellye.” Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a perfect little velvet box and opened it to reveal the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

Image 2 of Kellye and Grant | Engaged at Briscoe Manor

Of course I said yes, still crying and shaking. It wasn’t until afterward that I realized there was a photographer there who had been capturing the entire thing!

Image 3 of Kellye and Grant | Engaged at Briscoe Manor

Even though I fell in love with Briscoe Manor years ago, I had never actually been able to see it in person. So, after we took tons of pictures by the lake and around the grounds I finally got a tour, with champagne of course. After we left the venue, we made our rounds to our parents’ to toast with more champagne and celebrate that the secret no longer had to be kept.

The proposal was perfect in so many ways. The weather was amazing, it was my dream wedding venue, and I got my dream guy. The best part is that now we can recreate that walk I made from the main building to the lake on our wedding day as I walk down that aisle to my husband.

Image 4 of Kellye and Grant | Engaged at Briscoe Manor
Photos by Cypress Photography