Kelly and Nicholas

Kelly's Proposal in Battery park

How We Met

We met on NYE 2013 going into 2014 in a coffee shop. We had a mutual friend that had been dying to introduce us since the summer because we’d be perfect for each other and after months of declining, I finally agreed to go up from Long Island to Boston with my friend for an NYE party, pregaming at his place. On our way over we ran into him early at the nearby coffee shop. I remember texting my sister “that guy they are trying to set me up with is actually really cute!” We ended up talking the whole night of the NYE party and hanging out most the weekend. After that we did our best hanging out every over the weekend making a long distance relationship from New York to Boston, each one traveling long hours, in all types of weather for 3 years. Until he finally made the big move to NYC, to our first apartment together.

How They Asked

About 2 years ago, I had been having wine with my aunt saying I’d love my wedding date to have cool numbers with it. So I said me and nick were going to get married on 10/10/2020. I even put it into her phone “Kelly and nicks wedding or maybe let’s get margaritas” I didn’t want to jinx myself. However from that day on we always talked about getting married on 10/10/2020. On the day of our engagement, he had asked me a friend had said she was in town and wanted to meet us for drinks by our apartment. She told me she wanted to get dressed up and have fun. I went along with it. Nick had suggested we walk along the river by our favorite spot because it was a beautiful warm October day. We stopped to take a picture and I started walking away. He asked me to come back and said “I had the best day with you today and I want all my days to be like this…” he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I started ugly crying in shock and excitement and said yes!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Battery park

Nick has hired a photographer that had been following us for a block or 2 but I hadn’t noticed. We got beautiful and at the moment real engagement photos that I couldn’t be happier with. Our engagement date was 10/10/2018 and we plan on marrying on 10/10/2020.

Special Thanks

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