Kelly-Leigh and Brian

Where to Propose in At Skydive on the Vaal

Our fairy tale starts with an absence of wheat, barley, rye and oats. Attending a Joburg Live Loud concert with nothing but a gluten free/vegan pizza in her hand, a single Miss K-L Blignaut was walking with her friends who she had met in her French class. Carrying a cooler box and lagging behind was a young single Mr B J Butler. He too was with this crowd because of a friend who he went to university with. After sitting down picnic park style, Kelly-Leigh offered some pizza to Brian – he apologized and declined due to his gluten intolerance. Low and behold the pizza was gluten free due to Kelly-Leigh’s allergy to gluten too. Rice flour sparks flew and conversation flowed. Going on dates, meeting friends, Harry Potter movie marathons and finally 17th November 2015 the official – ‘Will you be my girlfriend? ” . Through holidays and New Year’s kisses even a long European holiday away (miles apart but close at heart) all was bliss and the rose tint couldn’t get any rosier… or so we thought… 1 year and 4 months later an anniversary celebration event turned into the new chapter Kelly-Leigh did not see coming. A getaway to her favourite hotel and a daring dive in the sky was to follow. Bucket list check-list one step closer to completion… On land there was a sign displayed for her whilst she fell through the sky. Finally grounded, on one knee her Prince Charming popped the question. Answer? OF COURSE! And so the tale of courtship comes to an end and soon the Miss K-L Blignaut is to become Mrs K-L Butler. As for Brian… he is still giving himself brownie points for his smooth moves ;) Rose tinted glasses upgraded to Variotronic S Glasses rosey style. And new additions Blossom and Bubbles signed up for Butler adoption. The rest is for you all to see in the woods. How will it go? Well fairytales always end with…and they lived happily ever after!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At Skydive on the Vaal

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