Kelly and Jake

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My boyfriend told me he was going to pick me up for a nice dinner to celebrate his parents anniversary but instead, his father showed up with a huge bouquet of roses to be my “chauffeur” for the evening. In the car was a sweet note from my boyfriend Jacob talking about our future together and how excited he was to see me tonight.

We pulled up at his parents’ house where he was waiting in a suit, he took me down a path of roses and candles to the dock where he had hung pictures of us throughout the past year. This was the same dock he had taken me to our first date and I remember that night looking at him and knowing he was the one..on our first official date.

Where to Propose in On a dock he took me on our very first date

The proposal was the sweetest moment ever and little did I know his cousin (who happens to be a photographer) kayaked across the river and was hiding in the bushes taking pictures of the whole thing.

And the cherry on top… upstairs was a surprise engagement party with my friends and family included several relatives he had flown in for the event. It was the most magical night ever and I cannot thank Jake enough for surprising me beyond belief!!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On a dock he took me on our very first date

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